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Hello! After Effects has a new Product Manager

Hello, Victoria Nece here. I’m the new Product Manager for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects at Adobe, taking over for Todd Kopriva. Todd’s been a tremendous resource and a strong advocate for After Effects and this whole community. We wish him well on his new adventures.

Before joining Adobe, I was the Director of Animation at the Documentary Group in New York, as well as an independent author of scripts and extensions. I’ve been an After Effects user most of my life: I’ve been doing motion design, titles, maps, data visualizations, and all kinds of post production work for what feels like forever. In the last few years I’ve become a developer too, writing code for After Effects automation, motion capture, and workflow customization. After Effects has always been at the core of my creative work, and I’ll be bringing my perspective as a user to the job.

I’ve been joking that I talked about After Effects so much they decided to pay me to do it, but there’s more to it than that: my job is really to make your work life better. I know how After Effects can make some seemingly impossible tasks quick and easy and fun. I know how other things it does can make you crazy; they’ve frustrated me too, and I want to help ease some of those pain points.

Since I’ve come on board, it’s been exciting to see all the great things the After Effects team has in store for future releases. (More than a few “I’ve been wanting this for years!” features.) Character Animator is getting more powerful every day, too, and their roadmap promises lots of new ways to create fast, expressive animation.

I love this community. It’s full of creative, talented people with great ideas for the future of the industry, and I’m looking forward to meeting many more of you. I couldn’t be happier to have joined the team.

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  • By Mike - 5:26 PM on February 22, 2016  

    Hi Victoria,

    Glad to have you abroad and looking forward to the improvements and would really like to see more improvements in the speed area, as in everything works faster and a better 3D environment.

    Also I have been playing with Fuse CC and it would be great if this would integrate with After Effects so we could create extras, zombies and etc.

    • By Roei T - 12:26 AM on February 23, 2016  

      Welcome Victoria and good luck. see you on the Boards and Mailing List 🙂

  • By John Dickinson - 8:41 PM on February 22, 2016  

    Welcome Victoria!

  • By Ko Maruyama - 8:51 PM on February 22, 2016  

    Hooray Victoria!
    Let the wild rumpus start! 🙂

    We’re looking forward to meeting you too.

  • By Ney Vasconcelos - 10:02 PM on February 22, 2016  

    Congrats Victoria!

    I have many suggestions for improving all adobe applications. But AE needs the most improviments in so many areas. One of the is the rendering. Why Adobe can’t get together and bring over flash cc rendering into AE? Also, coping elements from one project into another? Also, onion-skins in AE? Better keyframe graphics? And a better way of showing how plug-ins works without guessing how they works. Sorry, I am typing in a phone. Thanka for any updates.

  • By Victor - 10:04 PM on February 22, 2016  

    Добрый день, у меня лишь одна Убедительная просьба вернуть oil paint

  • By Rafael - 10:46 PM on February 22, 2016  

    So, i am happy that a new heart is on the “head”of AE.
    And taking advantage of yo talk about Character Animator, would be great if it export could be vector editable on AE, don’t yo think? On keyframes and anim layers too…

  • By Mr.K - 2:42 AM on February 23, 2016  

    Hey Victoria,

    Not an easy job, given the current state of AE 2015, but you have my wholehearted welcome.

    Please give us STABILITY first. Extra features can wait (did you hear that, Adobe Marketing Dept?)

    Remember how AE was always praised for being bulletproof in the past. We could always work around any creative problems having the piece of mind that the software was stable as hell.


  • By Till Poetzl - 5:08 AM on February 23, 2016  

    Hi Victoria,
    After Effects is a great tool, but there’s a lot of things to do with respect to performance (multicore, GPU, debayering). Hope to see some improvements!

  • By Carey Dissmore - 5:55 AM on February 23, 2016  

    Welcome Victoria!
    I look forward to getting to know you better.

  • By Chris Johnson-Standley - 8:48 AM on February 23, 2016  

    Hello – nice to have you!
    I’m sure I speak for many people when I say I love AfterEffects and I’ve personally been using it for 16 years. But the latest incarnation has proven to be a real pain this last couple of weeks with the terrible previewing, sound lags and audio dropouts.
    New features are all well and good, but please please please get the core software stable.
    People use this software for their businesses, not hobbies. It needs to work 100% of the time. I’ve lost around a day on this job fighting with trying to sync audio – it’s not what I expect when I pay my £45 a month.
    I hope you put this at the top of your list and I look forward to hearing from you more.
    Thanks, and good luck in the new role.
    Chris Rogue Robot

  • By Akindotun Seweje - 10:41 AM on February 23, 2016  

    Hello Victoria. Welcome on board. Looking forward to gaining from your wealth of experience.

  • By Jeff Handy - 8:35 AM on March 1, 2016  

    Although I’m sorry to see Todd leave his post, I hope we’ll get to meet you at NAB. At Bisk Education, we have been waiting to move forward with Adobe Anywhere until there is AE support. I know Todd was trying to help bring that to fruition and I hope you’ll carry that torch to make it happen this year. Thanks for the intro and I wish you the best of luck.

  • By Amr Toukhy - 4:36 AM on March 4, 2016  

    Salam Victoria.
    Wishing you the best in your new massive leap of faith.
    Adobe is rock solid.

  • By Philipp Contag-Lada - 11:09 AM on March 5, 2016  

    Hello Victoria!
    All the best for this new challenge! We are all looking forward to all the help You and Your team will contribute to our work in the field.
    Let me put down my 50c to Till and Mr.K: After Effects is a great tool. There are very few out there and most of them are either below that league or far over the budget. So my top priority as a user, customer and teacher are stability and bug fixing. Look around, use it on a mac, use it in all industries – there’s a lot of edges to soften before You invent new features.
    We are patient people. And there are great plugIns out there that just need a smooth and stable basis.

    Greetings from Germany