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Help is a Conversation: The Adobe Forum MVP Program

As anyone who uses the Community Forums knows, Help is a Conversation. But where did the now-familiar slogan come from? Over the past two years, registered users have grown from 769,000 to 1.7 million, with an average of 20 million page views a month.* With the influx of new users, we saw the need to create a program that could provide help to the newcomers in a timely and efficient manner. Our idea? Create an MVP program to recognize and credential our valuable expert users and moderators.

The Adobe community Most Valuable Participant (MVP) program has changed the forum community dramatically by enhancing the learning experience. The MVPs are a group of highly active participants marked with a special orange MVP badge. They are present in almost every forum and are experts in their respective fields. If a customer has a question in the Photoshop forum for example, often times, our Photoshop MVPs will have the answer. Our community now has over 200 MVPs engaging with customers on a daily basis. These MVPs, combined with the 1,000+ Adobe employees participating on the forums, have created a network of resources for our customers.

Serena Fox, who led the MVP project in 2012, said “one of the main forum initiatives we took on was to build an MVP community of engaged, informed, experts from both within Adobe and from our customers. The goal was to increase by 20% both internal and external expert participation. We more than tripled internal experts and doubled external experts.”

From a business standpoint, the MVP program has been positively received. Ben Rasmussen, Senior Director of Customer Advocacy & Digital Media Customer Care, expresses his appreciation: “Adobe’s community professionals are critical to our success, and that of their fellow customers and community members. Through the contributions of our MVP’s in particular, we’re able to facilitate rich, engaging conversations in Adobe’s forums where our customers have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge by learning from the best. We genuinely believe that our Community Help and Learning programs are a crucial part of our customer engagement strategies, and I can personally see the tremendous value the MVP’s bring to those conversations through their shared insights and expertise”

How has this program changed and improved the community in the forums? John Cornicello, the Community Program Manager, has seen the changes firsthand. “The Adobe MVPs are the heart of the Adobe Community Forums. They are the expert users who live and breathe the applications they support in the Forums. They usually know of issues and fixes/workarounds first, and are the first to jump in to help both new and experienced users. A number of our MVPs have been involved in the forums for up to 20 years, maybe more. The forums wouldn’t be here without them.”

Thank you Adobe MVPs for your hard work and dedication.

*1.7 millon users are registered. 205,000 of those users have posted content. In other words, 205,000customers and 1200 Adobe employees & MVPs are having a conversation which is being viewed by 1.7 million customers


A few Adobe MVPs.