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How Do You Keep it Fresh With Creative Suite 5 and 5.5?


Our Creative Suite users’ work inspires and amazes us on a daily basis here at Adobe, and we thought to share a handful of great projects that have been submitted through our Keep it Fresh program. Take a look at a few of our highlights below, and if you have something awesome to feature, simply click here and tell us how you keep your work fresh with CS5 or CS5.5, or even with our new Adobe Touch Apps.  We may just feature you in a future blog post or on our Facebook Wall!


“It´s absolutely fascinating how you can materialize and translate all your creativity in a picture, telling your own story and sharing your ideas with everybody. The more you use, you discover more tools and things that will allow you to make your dreams come true. The only limit for Adobe Creative Suite is your creativity.”



Joe W.

“Every version of Adobe Creative Suite becomes more intuitive, more powerful, and most importantly more effective at helping me deliver the creative results my clients need. CS5 is no exception to this rule—each application goes beyond my expectations with state-of-the-art technology that leaves competition in the dust.”



Ray’s Doodles

“I’m an illustrator using Adobe illustrator 5 everyday!”



Tom Deja

“After taking a hiatus from designing and illustrating gig posters, I was lured back by a friend from the scene. This was, like all of my posters and the bulk of my work in general, created using Illustrator CS5.”



Victoria Pavlov

“Photoshop CS5 is the BEST software EVER! I created “Halloween Village” website special for Halloween. I used Photoshop and Dreamweaver.”


Digital Imaging, Mobile, Video Editing