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How Progressive SMBs Are Fueling Growth: A Closer Look at 2016’s Top Tech Trends

Recent research from the SMB Group on the Top Tech Trends of 2016 finds that 29% of small and medium-sized businesses are progressive companies which view technology as key to supporting business outcomes. Space Matrix, a leading design, architecture, planning and consulting firm with 12 offices in Asia, is an example of one such company. Founder and Managing Director Shagufta Anurag notes that technology has played a critical role in the firm’s growth from a design firm in 2001 to a multi-vertical company serving clients throughout Asia today.

Linking technology and business outcomes

The 2016 Top Tech Trends research found that progressive SMBs are 18% more likely to forecast revenue increases and are more aggressively adopting cloud, integration and analytics solutions. When small and mid-size businesses are ready to grow, the right technology can provide the tools to make it happen. This investment in technology is fueling growth through better communication and collaboration with customers – a trend which aligns with Space Matrix’s goals. “Our goals include achieving higher customer satisfaction, and to do that we need better collaborative platforms to talk to our clients because they’re based in multiple different locations,” says Anurag.

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Meeting the needs of the SMB IT department

For IT teams supporting fast-growing SMBs, it’s important that the right criteria are used to select technology. Ease of distribution and security features are key. Darren Rizza, CIO of Space Matrix says, “Some of the key factors we considered when evaluating Adobe Creative Cloud were the ease of distributing the software across all of our locations in Southeast Asia. It was also important for all of our members to have easier access to the software when they actually need it, making it more of a self-service model for them.”

Flexibility and agility for creative teams

Another driver for the increase in cloud adoption is the growing pressure to collaborate and develop agile creative workflows. Keris Phua, a graphic designer at Space Matrix confirms, “I use Adobe creative tools such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop to create content for our company marketing collateral, also for our hospitality clients. With Creative Cloud, I have frequent access to new features that allow me to push boundaries and give me new ways to be creative. Once I had to replace my laptop and I didn’t need the IT department to help. I was able to download and access everything with just a user name and password.”

Management and IT departments are pleased with the cost visibility and savings. Features such as license reassignment allow companies to transfer a license when one employee leaves and a new one takes their place, simply by sending an email – no serial keys required.  “Creative Cloud brings the subscription model to all of our Adobe licensing, which is in line with our other software licensing models as well. So it really helps us keep things in control and helps us really understand what we’re spending on,” says Rizza.

Fueling ongoing growth with the right tools

Companies are looking closely at mobile to desktop workflows and technology solutions that help them keep pace in today’s demanding business world. “The biggest challenge that we face today is the practicality of the design time. Customers are expecting to see a lot more design work in a pictorial way. Technology that transforms communication has become a unique challenge that we are addressing in the design industry,” says Anarug.

The creative technology landscape is evolving quickly, yet it’s difficult to keep up and know what tools and trends to prioritize for maximum business results. Small and medium business leaders need the right tools to stay on the cutting edge. “We will continue to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud as we expand, and Adobe makes it really easy for us,” adds Rizza.

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