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How the Right Collaborative Tools Drove Alere’s Global Rebranding

Companies rebrand for a variety of reasons including mergers, new markets, and expanded product portfolios. The Harvard Business Review notes that a rebrand should signal a growing company’s promise to the market, as well as internal clarity about its mission. Alere is a global company providing innovative healthcare solutions which contribute to improved clinical and economic outcomes for patients and healthcare providers globally, through access to fast, reliable diagnostic data. After years of rapid growth and strategic acquisitions, Alere has expanded to a global enterprise with a presence in more than 100 countries. The company’s leaders decided it was time to solidify their place in the market with a global rebrand, starting with an upgrade to Creative Cloud for teams.

Rebranding goes beyond a name

Stanford professor Jennifer Aaker notes, “Changing a brand can’t be done by changing a logo.” Successful rebrands incorporate new names and enhanced visual identities. Yet they must also extend to communicating updated and consistent messaging across channels to audiences worldwide.

“Our corporate websites are the best way for us to share product and corporate information with customers and investors,” says Justin Heasman, Associate Director of Global Web Operations at Alere. “We needed a truly enterprise solution to transform our website and support other critical marketing initiatives.”

Streamlining global content production and delivery

A global rebrand requires creating and updating a significant amount of content. Adobe tools feature modular templates which allow geographically disbursed content creators to develop content with a consistent, branded feel. At the same time, they are flexible enough to let designers customize branded collateral for specific product lines, as well as a region’s culture and language – a critical component when delivering content to 29 countries in 15 languages.

Alere also relies on Adobe tools to create a mobile-friendly experience for their websites. “Depending on the website, anywhere from 20% to 45% of our audience comes from a mobile device,” says Heasman. “The ability to reach those audiences through responsive design is key.”

Enhancing collaboration and asset sharing

Rebranding requires logistical coordination to ensure everyone is using the latest materials. Easily sharing assets on Adobe’s cloud-based file sharing system allows creatives to focus on developing new content, while ensuring the latest assets – such as the logo – are updated in critical brand documents. By centralizing and organizing content, Alere reduced duplication of assets by 53% across 2,000 web pages.

When marketers needed an up-to-date product image, they would contact creative services. “We used to field about 70 requests a week just for image assets,” says Pat Hardy, Creative Director of Global Creative Services at Alere. “Marketers often work on tight deadlines, so we were under pressure to find the right version of a particular product image.” Introducing self-service access to images sped up marketers’ ability to get the latest brand documents for their campaigns, while reducing the burden for image requests on the creative services team. Ultimately, thanks to these new features, image requests were down 80%.

Improved technical alignment across the company

As long-time Adobe Creative Suite users, Alere’s creative team upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams. Adobe’s mobile-to-desktop, mobile-to-mobile, and collaborative workflows support the team as they develop hundreds of pieces of collateral for web and print each year. Designers leverage multiple Creative Cloud apps, such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe InDesign CC, to create and share images and designs with colleagues.

Globally, Alere’s designers work on the same software versions for smoother collaboration and faster turnaround times. For instance, a designer in Europe can now hand off a project to a colleague in the U.S. to help meet tight deadlines. “Previously, we always had to be aware of the software and versions used by our colleagues,” says Kristoff Krowchenko, Senior Graphic Designer of Global Creative Services at Alere. “If a designer six hours ahead of us forgot to save a file to be compatible with our current running Adobe version, it could cost us a day of work on that file.”

Krowchenko adds, “Between the use of Creative Cloud Libraries, central storage space, and always-current software versions, we’ve stepped up our team’s ability to more quickly and easily collaborate.”

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