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How the Right Technology Helps Creative Talent Stay Engaged

Digiday reports creative agency turnover rates can exceed 40%. High turnover disrupts client workflows, damages employee morale, and hurts your brand in the market. It’s expensive to hire new staff; ERE Media notes it can cost 150% of a mid-level employee’s salary to recruit and train new workers. How can companies retain top talent – especially Millennials, which Pew Research reports now represent 53% of the workforce? The right technologies are essential to streamlining day-to-day operations, improving the collaboration Millennials crave, and opening up new creative projects.

Here’s a closer look at how companies are using technologies like Creative Cloud for teams to meet creative and staffing challenges.

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Tools to support flexible work environments

Flexible and remote working environments are in demand. Seventy-five percent of Millennials noted flexibility as their top workplace concern in a recent Ernst & Young survey. The right tools help companies support flexible work, collaboration, and effective onboarding of contract staff.

“We’ll often bring someone in on short notice to create or revise assets as client specifications shift,” says Barry Threw, Director of Software, Obscura Digital. “With access to the full collection of creative apps, Adobe Creative Cloud for teams supports greater scalability and enables us to change creative direction or take work wherever it needs to go — something we couldn’t do as easily before – and respond to client needs almost instantly, right in the field.”

On-demand access to creative tools: not in the office, still on the job

Today’s creative talent also wants on-demand access to the creative tools they need to complete their work. Since teams often work in the field, Adobe’s easy to manage self-service model enables users to add secondary installations of the Creative Cloud apps to home computers and laptops.

“If someone is working on the road and suddenly realizes that they need another application, they can use their existing Creative Cloud membership to install the applications themselves without IT scrambling to provide them additional installers or serial numbers,” says Vlad Spears, an Obscura Digital technologist. “The flexibility we have in managing licenses now, with Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, is lightyears better than what we were doing before.”

Access to a range of creative tools

Millennials want the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and continue developing their skills. Combining innovative technology with unique creative expression, Obscura Digital designs and develops immersive and interactive experiences for events worldwide. Unlike traditional digital agencies which focus on works for print or screen, they specialize in interactive installations, engaging stage shows, and mapping video which turns nearly any surface — from an outdoor sculpture to an entire building — into a video screen.

“We focus on nontraditional mediums and work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds: musicians, artists and technicians,” says Threw. Providing access to a range of creative tools helps their teams innovate, grow, and continue to explore new mediums.

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The importance of collaboration

For Millennials, effective collaboration technology in the workplace is critical. A PWC study found that “to Millennials this is an absolute must — they expect to have access to the best tools for collaboration and execution.”

“By using Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, we’ve cost-effectively made it easier for our marketing and technical services teams to be on the same version of software and eliminated version compatibility issues,” says Wavetronix Vice President of Marketing, Steve Baxter. “Plus, because all of the work is stored in Adobe Creative Cloud, it’s easier to collaborate on projects across departments.”

Pushing creative frontiers

In the creative world, there’s a constant desire to explore new things. From virtual reality to interactive media, the possibilities for creative talent – and the brands they work with – are unlimited. Providing creatives access to the latest tools opens up endless potential for experimentation and helps increase employee retention as workers feel creatively challenged.

“We’re already creating a variety of content, and we see endless possibilities to do even more,” says Cornelius Brackett, Media Specialist for First Federal Savings Bank. “Adobe Creative Cloud for teams really fosters productivity and creativity. I love nothing more than downloading a new piece of software and playing with it to get the creative juices flowing. It’s fun for me personally, and it helps us cultivate fresh ideas that genuinely benefit the bank.”

Learn how you can keep your Millennials engaged and highly productive with Creative Cloud for teams.

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  • By Andrew @ Frontier Solutions - 8:29 AM on July 5, 2016  

    Cloud computing is the future, especially as we are moving towards being so connected all the time. For the most part, services performed in the cloud are faster than on the client’s current network infrastructure. The Cloud is faster because there is no data travelling “across the wire”. In today’s times, people expect nothing less than to have access to their documents from all devices, whether at the office, or on the go. I think your Cloud services to just that.