Adobe Creative Cloud

March 12, 2011 /

how to communicate with and follow Adobe’s professional video and audio teams

If you want to keep up with the latest developments in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Adobe Media Encoder, and Adobe Story, consider subscribing to the respective teams’ blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds. If you want to give feedback and ask questions, then consider using the respective forums and feature-request/bug-report tools.

Here’s a handy set of posts by each of these teams that give details:

Communication about Adobe Media Encoder tends to go through the After Effects and Premiere Pro channels, but there is also a dedicated Adobe Media Encoder forum.

Also, insofar as Photoshop is a crucial video application, I recommend subscribing to Jeff Tranberry’s blog. Jeff is full of suggestions for how to keep all of your Creative Suite applications updated and running well, and he also has lots of information about Camera Raw and other components shared with video applications like After Effects.

Oh, and speaking of updates… You should make sure that you have the most recent updates installed. There are a lot of bug fixes in there.