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how to search for Premiere Pro tutorials, Help, and more

As I said in a post for After Effects, Community Help search is better than plain ol’ Google. Really.

To summarize that post, I’ll say this: Rather than using plain ol’ Google search, I recommend the much more efficient Premiere Pro Community Help search. I assure you that the Premiere Pro Community Help search will find virtually everything worthwhile about Premiere Pro that a regular search on would—and the Community Help search will filter out a tremendous amount of noise/garbage.

The Community Help search is actually a Google custom search engine that we maintain. We enter websites that have been vetted as being of high quality and as providing free resources about Premiere Pro, as well as other Adobe software.

If you find something free on the Web that is useful for Premiere Pro users but doesn’t come up in a Community Help search, tell us, and we’ll evaluate it for inclusion. (One of the ways to tell us about a resource is to add a comment to a relevant page of Premiere Pro Help on the Web, pointing to the resource.)

The Premiere Pro Community Help search is available from the top of every page of Premiere Pro Help on the Web.

You can also do this search from the main Premiere Pro support center page.

There’s also a Premiere Pro Community Help search plug-in for the most common browsers.

Note that you can just search within the Premiere Pro CS5 & CS5.5 Help document, too.

If you have any problems with searching Premiere Pro CS5 & CS5.5 Help, let us know. That includes telling us if you searched for something and couldn’t find it, as well as just not knowing what word to search for.

A good place to ask questions and give feedback is the Adobe Premiere Pro user-to-user forum. Of course, if you have feedback about a specific page of Premiere Pro Help, then you can just leave a comment on the relevant page.

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