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Importing AVCHD media into Premiere Pro on Mac OS X v10.8 (Mountain Lion)

It has come to our attention that Apple has made a change in Mac OS X v10.8 (Mountain Lion) that changes the way an AVCHD folder structure appears to the operating system once imported. This affects the workflow for importing AVCHD media into Premiere Pro CS6.

Once an AVCHD folder structure is copied to a computer running Mac OS X v10.8, the subdirectory that contains the media itself will appear with a single QuickTime document (which is in fact a package) inside it. This will most likely be called ‘PRIVATE’ but may have a different name. The screenshot below shows how this will appear in the Media Browser.

Opening the ‘PRIVATE’ package, either by double-clicking the icon on the right-hand side or single-clicking it on the left of the Media Browser will put the Media Browser into AVCHD mode such that the clips can be imported as normal.

If you prefer to import via the Import dialog box, the QuickTime package will appear with a disclosure triangle which can be twirled down or double-clicked to access the media files.

We have also today discovered a bug when using Premiere Pro with Mac OS X v10.8 in which AVCHD media that has gone offline cannot be successfully relinked. We will be working hard to fix this in a future update, but recommend caution to avoid having to relink offline AVCHD media in the current version of Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.1).

To discuss these issues or to get help with other other questions and issues, come to the Premiere Pro forum.

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