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Premiere Clip syncs your media files to the Creative Cloud, enabling you to work across devices as well as send projects to Premiere Pro.

You can tell if the media in a project has synced by looking at the Cloud icon. If the Cloud is animating, it means that media from your project is currently uploading to (or downloading from) the cloud.


To monitor the status of your project sync, just tap on the Cloud icon. Keep in mind that video files are large and may take a few minutes to upload, depending on your connection.

 sync1  sync2

If you are working offline, or if you close a project very quickly after importing media when on WiFi, you might encounter sync issues when exporting to Premiere Pro or working across devices.


If you see a warning triangle on your media when you open it in a second device, or if you receive an error message when you try to send your project to the desktop, it means that the media did not have a chance to upload on the original device. To remedy this, open your project on the originating device and make sure the cloud icon stops animating. Now you will be able to download the media on a second device and export your Clip project to Premiere Pro!

If you aren’t connected to WiFi and aren’t worried about cellular data limits, you can enable Cellular Sync.


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