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October 26, 2011 /Digital Imaging /Mobile /

Incorporating Tablets and Mobile Devices Into Your Creative Process


Before the announcement of our Adobe Touch Apps, we asked our Creative Suite Ambassador Group* how they use tablets or mobile devices during the creative process, and what they hope to see from tablets and mobile devices in the future. We wanted to share some responses below, and would love for you to weigh in by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.  Also, check out the video above of Creative Director Brian Yap talking about how he sees tablet apps enhancing his workflow.


“I use my phone to take pictures of things that are interesting, creative, or inspiring. This way I have an ever-changing source of inspiration in the form of a photo album. When I purchase an iPad I plan to use it to sketch out quick ideas and rough drafts when I’m on the go or away from my workspace.”

Joe Weber


“I use my iPad mostly for research. I’ll search the web, and view content related to my project. I use my iPad… [to explore] how content is designed, and how well the interface and interactivity has been developed for the user.”

Joseph Caserto


“I’ve recently displayed my portfolio on my iPad. Fabulous! When I teach I use the iPad to often draft class notes, research on the web [and] test out demonstration ideas.”

Joy Makon


“I keep a portfolio of images of my work in my media folder on the BlackBerry so I can show potential clients my work or take them directly to a website I have designed.”

Cathy Rudd


So, how do you use tablets and mobiles in the creative process? Which Adobe Touch Apps are you looking forward to exploring?



*Note: Our Creative Suite Ambassador Group is currently a closed community. We will evaluate future opportunities to open the group. For those interested in joining, please stay tuned for more updates on group openings.

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