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Inspired by Amsterdam

#TeamAdobe has arrived in Amsterdam for the 2015 IBC Show, and we are feeling inspired! Earlier this week, we revealed what’s coming next to our video and audio tools. We’re hitting the city in anticipation of the conference and using Adobe’s capture apps to create a collection of Amsterdam-inspired production-ready assets for video, photo, and design work. We’re making this library available to you as a free download so you can join us in Amsterdam, no matter where you are in the world.

Adobe’s capture apps – Adobe Hue CC, Shape CC, Color CC, and Brush CC – allow you to capture inspiring palettes, moods, shapes, and textures and convert them into creative assets as easily as snapping a picture. These apps are powered by CreativeSync and automatically populate your Creative Cloud libraries, making them instantly available in apps like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and more, without the hassle of having to move files around or keep track of the latest versions.

We’ll be highlighting one asset to our Inspired by Amsterdam library per day, and adding more unique Looks, brushes, color themes, and shapes throughout IBC. Be sure to check back to see what inspirations we’ve collected and learn how you can bring a bit of Amsterdam into your next creative project!

Follow this link to add the Inspired by Amsterdam library to your Creative Cloud account and get all of the assets for free:

Sunrise at the RAI

Good morning, IBC Show 2015!
What it is: A custom Look for video projects

What inspired us: This Look was snapped by Bill Roberts, senior director of product management, early morning on the first day of IBC Show 2015. The sun peeks over the pavilion at the RAI, shining through banners to generate beautiful pinks, purples, and blues.

What it looks like: We auditioned this Look on a video clip to see what it would do. On the left, check out the original image. On the right, the same still with the Sunrise at the RAI Look applied. We selected a saturated, dusky purple for the midtone shift. The blues of the sky and the golds of the sun shine through the Look, warming up the stonework of the building and giving an early morning cast to the clip.

How to use it: Enhance your video footage instantly! In Premiere Pro and After Effects, load the libraries panel (Window > Library) then just drag & drop the Look onto a clip in your timeline or composition.

In Premiere Clip, tap the Magic Wand to add finishing touches, then tap “Look” and navigate over to the My Library tab. Just tap on a Look to apply it to your sequence!

Read up on the mobile & desktop workflows or watch a tutorial here.

You can also use custom Looks from Adobe Hue as an entry point to our new color workflows in Premiere Pro, and continue your creative work seamlessly in After Effects. Take a closer look (pun intended) at the Lumetri Color panel to get started

Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market)

A stroll through the Bloemenmarkt, a floating flower market founded in 1862, yields a kaleidoscope of color and texture.

What it is: A unique brush for use in Adobe Photoshop Sketch

What inspired us: Holland is famous for tulips, but it was this bouquet of dahlias that really stood out to #TeamAdobe’s Nakiesha Koss, with its colors and interesting textures from the petals. (In fact, we loved the colors so much that we also made a color theme from the same image.)
What it looks like: We cropped the image to focus in on the interplay between the fuschia and white petals, with a splash of electric pink, to create our brush. We chose a mirror repeat to create a really psychedelic pattern and abstract the petals just enough to make people want to take a closer look. We added a fade and taper to soften the image at the ends of the brush strokes.


How to use it: Save this brush to your library and use it in your art & layouts in Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Find out how here.


Fietswiel (Bike Wheel)

Everyone’s on a bike in Holland, #TeamAdobe included!
What it is: A rioting color palette

What inspired us: The colors, of course! When Michael rolled past this adorable Dutch bike in a pile of fallen leaves, he had to stop and snap it.

What it looks like: This theme is somewhere between an analogous and a split-complementary color scheme. Shades of red and pink are juxtaposed with the peachy brown and neon yellow-green of autumn leaves.

How to use it: Use this color theme in your design work in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Or grab your color picker in Premiere Pro and After Effects to select one of these gorgeous tones for a title or animation.

Click here to download the Inspired by Amsterdam library to use these assets in your own creative work.

We’ll be updating the Moving Colors blog each day of the conference with more of our favorite Amsterdam-inspired creative assets. Use Adobe’s mobile apps to capture your own custom Looks, shapes, brushes, and color themes whenever and wherever inspiration strikes!

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