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Introducing the Creative Cloud Platform for Web Developers

We know innovation in creative technology happens across the entire industry, not just at Adobe, and we know our customers depend on many products and services to get their creative work done. It’s imperative to partner with the global developer community to help our customers work within and across these innovations as seamlessly as possible. That’s why we recently announced Adobe I/O, our one-stop-shop for technical developer documentation and tools to help unify developer access across all of Adobe’s key cloud platforms. Today, we’re excited to discuss the beta launch of a series of new web components for the Creative Cloud, and share some early partners who are working with those components to enrich the creative process for our joint customers.

The core of Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform – and the engine behind our own mobile apps – is the Creative SDK, which enables apps to share files between each other, ensures compatibility with Adobe file types (like .PSD and .AI), provides direct access to some of Adobe’s creative tools, and creates a path for sending files to Adobe’s desktop applications for additional creative flexibility. Enabling these cross app workflows will broaden where creativity can happen, increasing choices and efficiency for our customers.

Now, with integrations by some of the market’s best creative apps, like Paper by 53, Infltr, Bazaart, Marvel, Moleskine, Generate, ArtRage, Curator, Vintage Design and many more, you can seamlessly work between your favorite Adobe and industry tools, accessing the creative content and workflows you love in the mobile apps you use every day.

Today’s announcement of new web components, on the heels of the Adobe I/O portal launch, demonstrates our commitment to support truly cross-platform and cross-app workflows. Since so much creativity happens on the web, we want to make sure you have everything you need no matter which platform or product you use to create. Now, web developers can use these web APIs and components to connect their services to the Creative Cloud:

  •      The Image Editor provides an embeddable, highly customizable, basic photo editor
  •      The Asset Browser (beta) gives access to all Creative Cloud files and libraries. We also offer specialized photography components for getting the most out of customer’s synced Lightroom photos
  •      The File Upload API (beta) enables direct uploads to the Creative Cloud

Some early partners have already started working with the beta components. Soon, Creative Cloud users should be able to access their content in the web services of HipChat, a popular enterprise chat and collaboration app, Prott, an emerging prototyping tool, and Bluescape, a sophisticated collaboration workspace used by some of the largest brands in the world.

As mentioned, the Creative SDK for Web also provides components that are specialized around the needs of our photography customers. The new Lightroom Photos Organizer provides a photo browsing and importing module for web apps that will make the customer familiar with desktop, mobile and web Lightroom clients feel right at home. We’re excited to announce that Animoto is the first partner to integrate the Lightroom Photos Organizer, and we can’t wait to see how the video creation process for Animoto users improves with better, more sophisticated access to their Lightroom photos. Animoto customers are already seeing the benefits:

“I have been using Adobe’s suite of products in my business for over a decade. And I have been using Animoto to create videos for social media and my clients for years,” said Jerry Ghionis, award-winning wedding photographer. “This partnership makes the whole process of creating professional marketing videos and slideshows with my images stored in Lightroom CC so much easier.”

We’re looking forward to bringing Creative Cloud connectivity to more of the services you use in the weeks and months to come.

These new Web SDK components are currently in beta and developers can apply for access here. Here are some other features we have in the pipeline based on feedback that we’ve already received from our beta developers:

  •      Full Photoshop and Illustrator compatibility, enabling users to render and manipulate .PSD and .AI files
  •      Access to Adobe Stock to allow customers to select and use high quality creative assets in other services
  •      The ability to publish projects and works in progress to the Behance community
  •      Custom stickers and more filters and frames available through the image editor, synced with Creative Cloud
  •      Services to notify developers and users when files within Creative Cloud have changed
  •      Hinted Importing through the Lightroom Photos Organizer, allowing for more expressive creations from synced Lightroom collections

Let us know what you think! We want to talk to you to see how you want to use the Creative Cloud platform to help your businesses grow!

We also want your feedback – our goal is the make the best platform for developers who want to build innovative applications for productivity and creativity and we can’t do that without your help. Tweet us with your thoughts at @CreativeSDK or get in touch with us here.

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