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May 6, 2013 /After Effects /

Introducing the new After Effects CC

Today at our Adobe MAX conference we officially launched the next iteration of Creative Cloud that will be available June 17th. Although we have been talking about the next version since NAB – we can now give you the complete details.

Todd Kopriva has a great breakdown of what we revealed in Las Vegas last month – as well as some new stuff we didn’t show that is part of the new After Effects CC.

What we also announced is that we are moving fully behind Creative Cloud as we release all new features in our creative tools.

To be clear – all new features are part of Creative Cloud that each member gets as part of their subscription. For those who still prefer the traditional model, CS 6 is still be available for you, today and in the future.

I talk to After Effects users constantly. I hear loud and clear what works, what doesn’t and where people want to see After Effects go.

One thing I heard VERY consistently was the positive impact Creative Cloud made when we introduced it just over a year ago.


1 – Economics

Many After Effects artists use After Effects to make a living. Getting access to After Effects , Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., without large cash outlays are a very big deal.

2 – Access

How we update is about to dramatically change. We love to hear what you want and need in After Effects. In the past we had to prioritize features based on our yearly cadence and many features just never got done due to other priorities.

Now we can make updates many times per year with new features and improvements without having to wait for the ‘launch’ once per year.

This means the relationship between those who build the tool (us) and those who use it (you) can get a whole lot closer.

3 – More than tools

It’s community and collaboration. In the past you had to be where the work was. Not anymore. More artists are doing work for clients without any regard to geographic location. Peers help each other in ways they have never done before.

After Effects has been successful because of the community around it. Our goal is to make Creative Cloud the centre of the creative community. It’s not just tools – it’s how you do what you do, who you do it for and with.

Check out Behance as part of Creative Cloud to get an idea. I’m completely blown away with the sheer volume of motion graphics work currently on Behance.

4 – Breaking down barriers

As Todd mentions in his blog post – check out how we use Creative Cloud to remove barriers as you move from workstation to workstation – even a machine you don’t own.  This is just a first step – expect to see many more.

For any questions about Creative Cloud – please check out this FAQ.

This is a very big deal. I’m really proud what we accomplished with After Effects CC – and we’ve only just begun.


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