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Introduction to Adobe Lightroom CC, LIVE on Twitch with Terry White

Join us on the Adobe Channel, LIVE on, as Adobe Design and Photography Evangelist Terry White will cover the basics of Adobe Lightroom CC for organizing, adjusting and publishing your photos. Each of the eight episodes of this stream will start with a particular set of functions/tools and, session after session, you will continue to learn about Lightroom and and the infinite possibilities this application has to offer. There will be “homework” assignments along the way where you’ll be assigned an image to edit in a certain way, and then share your results.

Terry will be streaming live on from 8 to 9AM (Pacific Time) every Tuesday and Friday. Use this online time zone converter to find the right times for your location.


  • May 3 – 1. Importing Your Images Into Your Catalog – Folders vs. Collections
  • May 6 – 2. Collections, Smart Collections and Keywording
  • May 10 – 3. Shooting Tethered and Flags, Stars and Labels
  • May 13 – 4. Develop Module Part one – Global Adjustments/Editing in Photoshop CC
  • May 17 – 5. Develop Module Part two – Local Adjustments
  • May 20 – 6. Lightroom for Mobile and Web
  • May 24 – 7. Slideshows, Books, Map Module and the Web Module
  • May 27 – 8. Moving Your Images to A Different Drive & Outputting your Images

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