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April 15, 2011 /Audition /

Is it time to RTM? Why not? Adobe Audition CS5.5 help pages tell all

Audition CS5.5 help docs are now online for Mac OS and Windows!

Audition CS5.5 help docs are now online for Mac OS and Windows!

Audition CS5.5 provides solutions to the audio problems you face in your professional audio for video work. But you may have almost as many questions about exactly how Audition can help you. There’s nothing like scanning the user manual to give you a solid understanding of what a deep application such as Audition can do. No need to wait to do this; you can search and read the Audition CS5.5 Help Pages here!

If you have questions for which you can’t find answers in the Audition CS5.5 Help Pages, the Adobe Audition user-to-user forum is great for getting help from other pros about how to use the software. Before posting a question, first do a search to confirm whether your question has been answered before—many have.

The feature-request/bug-report form is the absolute best, most effective way to communicate with Adobe about feature requests and product bugs. The Audition team takes your feedback seriously and reads everything you submit there.

To keep up with the latest Audition developments, follow our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Inside Sound blog.

Lastly, if you’re running Audition 3.0, be sure to update to 3.0.1 to get the very best performance out of the app. This quick download fixes a wide range of issues that customers reported using the bug report form above. We’re listening to you!


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  • By dobro - 4:45 PM on May 20, 2011  

    Dear Inside Sound:

    Where in the Help can I find what I need to know about the relation between clips in Multitrack and the tracks listed in the Files Window in Multitrack? How to delete files, for instance, and what’s required in terms of naming them?