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June 22, 2011 /Product Focus /

Issue with Adobe Encore CS5.1 and Matrox MAX H.264 encoding on Windows

[Update: This issue is fixed in Adobe Encore CS6.]

If you have a Matrox MXO2 product with Matrox MAX technology or a Matrox CompressHD card, be aware that using a Matrox .264 file with Adobe Encore 5.1 (the version that is included with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5) on Windows can cause Encore to become unresponsive. This issue affects mostly large Matrox .264 files (~3GB or larger), and it also occurs when you transcode directly to Matrox MAX H.264 format in Encore CS5.1.

For Adobe Encore CS5.1, Matrox suggests that you do one of the following:

  • If you presently have Adobe CS5 software and want to upgrade to Adobe CS5.5 software, uninstall your Matrox Mtx.utils software and upgrade to Adobe CS5.5 software, and keep your CS5 version of Adobe Encore. (I.e., you can keep Encore CS5.0 and also install Encore CS5.1 on your computer.) When you install Matrox Mtx.utils 5.5, the Matrox Player and presets will be installed for Encore CS5.1 only, but you’ll be able to use Encore CS5.0 with your Matrox .264 files.
  • If you have only Encore CS5.1, don’t use any Matrox .264 files larger than 3GB or transcode assets longer than about 10 minutes to Matrox MAX H.264 format. For example, if you have a long Premiere Pro sequence that you want to export to a Matrox .264 file, break your export into multiple files no greater than 3GB and place these on the timeline in Encore CS5.1.
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