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August 14, 2014 /Uncategorized /

It’s Another Update for Adobe Muse CC


More font choices, bulleted lists, and spam protection… On the heels of the first major phase of the native 64-bit rebuild of Adobe Muse in June, the product team has released a handful of top-requested design features and enhancements:

There’s also support for right-to-left languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic. To see a complete list of updates, with videos to learn how to get started, visit the Adobe Muse We’ve Been Busy page.

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  • By Michael W. Perry - 12:40 PM on August 14, 2014  

    Before I invest in a major piece of software, I see if the developer is committed to it. If they aren’t, I could easily end up orphaned.

    I see a host of indications that Adobe is heavily committed to Muse for those for whom Dreamweaver is too much. It is improving rapidly as the web development for the rest of us, particularly those who understand InDesign.

    It’s should prove especially helpful for organizations and small businesses that can’t afford a full-time web person but have someone on staff who uses InDesign. Adobe might consider create a InDesign-plus-Muse business package much like the Photoshop package is for photographers.

    Also, if the Muse team is looking for a CC-related project, they might consider integrating Muse into Prosite in some way. I’d love to have an easy way to add pages to my Prosite that explain what I do in more detail than a portfolio permits.

  • By Ian - 5:23 PM on August 14, 2014  

    Thanks for the update! I know you have your business reasons for not doing this (which is unfortunate), but if you simplified WordPress or other blog integration, Muse would be unstoppable.

    • By Steve Brame - 12:55 PM on August 15, 2014  

      WordPress integration is a snap! Simply install WordPress to your site in a separate folder, then have a button or NavBar link labeled ‘Blog’, or such, point to the WordPress ‘index.php’ file. Of course you would want to use a theme that compliments your site design, or use one of the drag and drop theme builders such as Ultimatum or Divi to build one that matches.

  • By Scott Boucher - 10:33 AM on August 16, 2014  

    These kinds of mid-level updates are the exact reason why I became a Creative Cloud member. Love getting small sets of new features on a regular basis as opposed to a gigantic list every year which can seem overwhelming. My only gripe is that InDesign almost never sees any of the regular updates many of the other CC apps receive. Even the major 2014 InDesign CC update had only minor new features. Feels like Adobe isn’t devoting many resources to InDesign which seems strange since it’s one of their major apps along with Photoshop. Anyone else wishing for more InDesign love?

  • By Goy - 3:18 PM on August 16, 2014  

    I’ld be really delighted to see more integrations between Muse and Dreamweaver (exporting produced source code, using .dwt in MUuse) or to have access to the widgets of Muse in Dreamweaver too.

  • By Tom Mail - 2:20 AM on August 26, 2014  

    The Adobe Muse CC is good software, There are many features and useful for user.