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It’s Here! What’s New in Audition CC

Multichannel workflow magic, new hardware interfaces, gorgeous metering, and so much more. What’s new in Audition CC?

The latest update to Adobe Audition CC unveils brand new features, improves upon some of your favorites, and expands support for the third party hardware you’ve told us you love.  Take a look below at everything new in this release.

Please note: The newly released versions of Adobe Creative Cloud applications will overwrite prior installations by default. No parallel installs are possible as this is a patch release.

Multichannel Workflows

Gone are the days when a video file would have no more than a mono or stereo audio track.  Modern formats like MXF can store dozens of unique audio channels, capturing multiple microphones and real-time mixdowns right in the camera, which is a boon to keep all content synchronized and consolidated.  But managing this in the DAW can be tricky as editors often need to pick and choose which channels and streams to use when mixing.

This release introduces fast and flexible channel separation and organization features in Audition’s multitrack environment at the touch of a key.  When dragging a multichannel clip into the timeline, hold OPTION (MacOS) or ALT (Windows) to separate each channel to a mono clip on each track.  Or split based on the target track channelization by adding COMMAND (MacOS) or CTRL (Windows) to create stereo elements or properly handle standardized formats, like 5.1, keeping Center and LFE channels mono, but pairing the Front and Rear pairs.

Editors can also pick-and-choose their channels by twirling open an item in the files panel, selecting the channel(s) they wish to use, and drag these right into the timeline.  And if you change your mind or need to compare two different recordings, easily adjust channel assignments right in the Properties panel.

Improved Premiere Pro Interchange

With the introduction of the Essential Sound panel in Premiere Pro, we’ve made transferring sequences to Audition more transparent than ever before.  All audio work applied in Premiere Pro comes across unscathed in Audition including any Essential Sound editing, 3rd party effects, clip and track automation, submix and adaptive track routing, and timeline metadata like comments, clip color, track names, and more.  Don’t worry, you can still stream your video via Dynamic Link without rendering or waiting.

Effect Updates

Audition has also added smooth frequency spectrum displays to our Parametric EQ and several Filter effects.  Identify frequency imbalances or craft the perfect polish using your ears AND eyes.  And our classic Dynamics Processing effect adds realtime input level and gain reduction metering, so you can see how your clips are being compressed and expanded and fine-tune to perfection.

PreSonus Faderport support

The PreSonus Faderport is an incredible, affordable desktop control surface, smaller than a mousepad but packing loads of power at the touch of a finger.  Use the Faderport with Audition to adjust and automate track levels with a buttery-smooth motorized fader, and adjust mute, solo, and record states.  Transport buttons make it easy to navigate playback and shuttling, and a matrix of user-customizable buttons means you can configure the device with your favorite tools and commands, making you more productive than ever.

Visual Keyboard Shortcut Editor

But don’t stop there when customizing your workflow.  Audition now supports the Visual Keyboard Shortcut editor as introduced last year in Premiere Pro and After Effects.  Quickly locate shortcut keys for oft-used commands, or find available keys for your favorites.  Drag-and-drop commands to your preferred keys, or see at-a-glance every key-combination available.  And if you’re one of the many users who are coming to Audition from Avid Pro Tools, don’t let your training and muscle memory go to waste!  Select the new Avid Pro Tools preset to migrate your experience and education into Audition, and get started immediately.

Bits and Pieces

Several small-but-handy features have been introduced such as assigning a keyboard shortcut to Ripple Delete Gap – you told us loud and clear you needed this, and we delivered!  New preferences enable halting the playhead when stopping playback AND jumping back to the starting position by pressing stop (or “K”) again – literally the best of both worlds!  New tutorials available in the Audition Learn panel, located in the Help menu, help new users learn how to perform common tasks like removing noise, using the Essential Sound panel, or adjusting music with Remix.  Many bug fixes and performance improvements continue to make Audition one of the most stable and productive digital audio workstations for broadcast, post-production, and recording.

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