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January 30, 2017 /UX/UI Design /

January Update of Adobe XD

With user experience design, iteration and feedback are essential to the process. Adobe XD makes it easy for you to get feedback on your designs and prototypes by allowing you to share a link with stakeholders that can be viewed in their browser on desktop and mobile devices. Our latest update makes the experience for reviewing even easier, allowing those commenting to provide feedback as a guest — no login required.

In addition, we continue to improve the quality and performance of Adobe XD on desktop and mobile – for example, export and sharing should both be significantly faster in our latest desktop releases. Finally, we continue to add features for XD on Windows, bringing us closer to parity with the Mac version. All the details are below.

What’s New for Adobe XD?

Guest Commenting

When designers send their shared prototypes to stakeholders, the stakeholders no longer need to sign-in with an Adobe ID to leave comments. Instead, stakeholders can leave comments as a guest. This should make gathering design feedback in one place a lot easier.

In the future, we will continue to make additional enhancements to the review process including pinning of comments to the artboard and email notifications. Stay tuned!

What’s New for Adobe XD on Windows?

UI Kits

To get you started quickly, Adobe XD on Windows added UI Kits that are accessible via the hamburger menu. These UI Kits include Apple iOS, Google Material and Microsoft Windows. Each UI Kit includes common components like navigation elements, text fields, and keyboards that allow you to design faster.

Import SVG

You can now add SVG images to XD documents by dragging and dropping them on the canvas or by using the import functionality from the application’s hamburger menu. This will help you bring assets from other design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch or your own component libraries.

Snap to Grid

You can now add a grid to your artboard. Grids provide guides to which you can align objects and text. When you draw, objects snap to the grid automatically when the object’s edges are within the grid’s snap-to-zone. Grids also help you get a quick idea of measurement while laying out objects or text on your artboards. You can find more details on artboard grids here.

What’s Next?

The team is working hard to bring new features to Mac, Windows, and our mobile applications. Stay tuned in the next couple of months.

We want to hear from you.

Our team continues to listen to you and we love getting your feedback on UserVoice, Forums, Twitter and in person! So, please keep the conversation going.

You can follow us @AdobeXD for updates or reach the team on Twitter using the #AdobeXD.


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  • By Ovidiu - 1:15 AM on January 31, 2017  

    I was looking forward to this month’s update only to realise there are no new features for the Mac version. A bit disappointed. When will the collaboration tools be added to the XD?

    • By Christophe - 12:39 AM on February 10, 2017  

      “I was looking forward to this month’s update only to realise there are no new features for the Mac version. A bit disappointed. When will the collaboration tools be added to the XD?” => same for me… XD too poor for the moment :/

  • By Bob - 1:50 AM on January 31, 2017  

    Excuse me but this is a joke. There are no guides, there are no rulers… wait… there is THE GRID!!!

    Next time, Adobe, try harder.

  • By Sergei - 3:04 AM on January 31, 2017  

    Why not think about customers? Two month for UI kit for windows?
    Please hire me and I will draw all three ui kits in one week.

    First of all you have to think about what is really important to work with. After that, you can add secondary things.

    I work on windows. I need layers, symbols, gradients, guides, rules, boolean. UI Kit I can download free in internet.

    • By Andres Rendon - 4:42 AM on January 31, 2017  

      I think the same. Layers & Symbols are essential.

    • By Kieron - 1:29 AM on February 1, 2017  

      I agree Sergei. I’m on Windows too and desperately need layers, symbols, gradients, blur, guides, rules, boolean, (and hopefully animation and slides, in future too.)

      I’ve been testing other Windows prototyping tools and will probably drop XD in the next week (can’t wait any longer) even though I love using XD for mock ups.

      So far, I haven’t found anything as intuitive and easy to use as XD (the XD team needs to be congratulated on that!! What they HAVE built is beautiful to use.)

      Unfortunately, when it comes to prototyping, it’s years behind some of the tools out there and they’re not standing still while XD catches up.

  • By jack - 3:52 AM on January 31, 2017  

    Sorry to say but this is a pretty disappointing update..

    We all know Windows is lagging behind in terms of features and if in one month you only managed to add some UI kits (which you already designed for Mac) and SVG support, I can’t imagine when feature parity with macOS will be achieved. It seems like a really slow progress.

    And regarding macOS… basically you didn’t release anything new on the design side since you launched layers and symbols back at the beginning of November. That was 3 months ago.
    Layout grids and guides are still missing: that’s the most voted feature request on Uservoice and it’s still being ignored. I can’t believe such a basic but crucial feature is still missing.

    And what about text underline, flip h/v, styles, ability to save gradients, .. ?

    You won’t get anyone using Sketch to switch to Adobe XD if all these basic features are missing.

    Please guys, listen to what your users need!

    Thank you!!

  • By rami key - 4:47 AM on January 31, 2017  


  • By Michael Woodruff - 5:14 AM on January 31, 2017  

    This is obviously a disappointing release for Mac users starving for new updates, but this isn’t unexpected. They explained this in the last update (

    The bigger issue is we had to abandon XD for Sketch/Invision because it can do what I need to do today. I can’t wait for XD to mature. Not sure once I introduce Sketch/Invision into the company we can go back to XD. I am afraid it might just be too late for XD. I guess we will see.

    • By Jim - 6:46 AM on January 31, 2017  

      I totally agree with you! From my point of view it IS too late for XD to mature.

    • By Scott madore - 8:17 AM on February 1, 2017  

      I think this is the big issue. If people have a need now to do prototyping and not just wireframes, they will have to look elsewhere. Once people find another solution they might not come back to XD. Hopefully the team at Adobe understand this and will get 1.0 out the door soon.

      So far it has great potential. The repeat grid alone is a great tool. I would love for this to make it’s way to Photoshop and Illustrator.

      @Adobe do you have a release date in mind?

  • By Gio van Heydoorn - 5:24 AM on January 31, 2017  

    Thanks for the update Adobe team

  • By James - 8:07 AM on January 31, 2017  

    Really disappointed… Windows users have just got the program, why focus, pretty much, a whole update for them. It’s the lack of communicating it that is not doing you any favours either.

    Just some simple inclusions like text underline or remembering linkage properties when cut and pasting in prototype mode would have gone a long way to silence us – the critics…

    Please come on we’re dying here…

  • By Sarah - 8:20 AM on January 31, 2017  

    This is a disappointing update. Nothing very useful for the Mac users since November. There are so many more important features than UI kits for Window users and SVG support. No guides, saving gradients, limited text features and not even basic hover actions. I’ve already started looking at alternatives like Invision as Adobe is moving too slow.

  • By Angie - 10:52 AM on January 31, 2017  

    Why offer a guest commenting feature for this update when you can’t even share a public link on the Windows version yet? I’m confused by this update. You’re killing us without the Craft plugin for Invision. Our devs are driving us nuts about the lack of spec tools. Using Photoshop to wireframe was better for them but painful for us.

  • By Oliver Moreno - 11:10 AM on January 31, 2017  

    Why the Adobe XD do not support Windows 8.1 or lower?

  • By andoy - 11:11 AM on January 31, 2017  

    I was Expecting the share feature and record feature that came with mac beta first launched last yr but i’m a bit disappointed with Jan. windows update.

  • By askil - 11:15 AM on January 31, 2017  

    Thank you adobe XD, the hard working team!

  • By KAVIN RAJ - 1:06 AM on February 1, 2017  

    Adobe XD crashed. Again and again. Uninstalled and restarted and then re-installed. Now when I open my XD, I see nothing!

    Very bad.

    Adobe is releasing updates for XD on Windows in snail speed.

    In another 10-15 years, we could get a full fledged photoshop-like version of XD on Windows.

    Thanks, Adobe!

    • By Shonn - 4:49 PM on February 2, 2017  

      Thanks for the warning! Won’t bother updating then (I’m on a Mac)

  • By Adonis - 2:57 AM on February 1, 2017  

    I’m so disappointed at how this app is evolving. Features are taking so long to come out. This app is useless at this point, comparing with most apps on the market that do everything this one does and much better!

    It’s going to cost at least €24/month and you took 6 months to release “Snap to Grid”? Its a design app, for god sakes! Adobe really needs to check their priorities on this. By the time this gets out of “Preview mode”, this app will be years away from the competition, so I don’t see any point on starting to use it.

    In my opinion, at this rate, it is going to have the same fate as Adobe Code or even Adobe Inspect had: it doesnt exist on the market.

  • By Jay Herbert - 4:09 AM on February 1, 2017  

    Very Disappointing update, how is the windows version so basic

  • By XD Fan - 8:17 AM on February 1, 2017  

    Viva XD!

    This isn’t specific feedback, but just a note to share with the developers …

    We just went from first meeting with the client, to sketches, mockup and back for second meeting in record time. We got client approval on the design with a resounding, “I’m loving everything I’m seeing.” from the head of the firm, and “I’ve never seen him so excited” from the staff.

    Keep hammering away XD team!!! You’re off to a great start. Keep building! 🙂

  • By XD Fan - 8:41 AM on February 1, 2017  

    Users should temper their comments with the understanding this is a Beta version. “Disappointing” is a harsh criticism of a product that is currently a free preview. I’m a fan of open Betas, but if all the feedback the Adobe team gets is random negativity, then the comment board serves no purpose. They should instead shut the doors and work in privacy. For a development team to succeed they need a constructive critique describing how things could be improved. I would think the design community would be attune to that more than other groups.

    Personally, I like what I’ve seen so far with XD, and hope Adobe puts more resources towards speeding up development.

    • By Shonn - 4:52 PM on February 2, 2017  

      I hear you on not being insulting, but the Adobe Xd team needs to know if they are disappointing their users. Only thing I would say is that if you’re disappointed, state the reason(s) why, so that Adobe can utilize that feedback.

  • By Eric Christensen - 10:07 AM on February 1, 2017  

    I tried installing the newest January update. When the app comes up, I get a message about uninstalling the app and reinstalling. I have tried this several times and still get the same message. Even tried rebooting PC and trying the install again. Same problem.

    FYI: I had the first PC beta version and it was fine. PC running latest version of Windows 10.

  • By David Knell - 10:13 AM on February 1, 2017  

    I do wish the January release had more in it (I’m a Mac user), but I am excited for the future of XD. Keep it up, team! You’re doing great work! Thanks for everything so far!

  • By Andre Sampaio - 12:42 PM on February 1, 2017  

    cool. but i just updated my XD and guess what? it doesn’t work. there’s a message “please uninstall and reinstall the product”, I did that and nothing happened. same problem, same message

  • By hwiwon kim - 5:48 PM on February 1, 2017  

    [Please uninstall and reinstall the product
    If this problem still occurs, please contact adobe technical support for help]
    What is this? After this update,I can’t open a working file. I’m screwed. Now I don’t care what happens to the update, so please let the app run.

  • By Saliel I - 8:43 PM on February 1, 2017  

    Adobe has made very clear that this product is in BETA. Why does it seem like everyone and their mother is already using it in a production environment? If you’re all complaining about pace of updates then create your own application that does the same thing! I’m sure Sketch and all the other alternative took a long long time to create and the same goes for here. We’re all in it for the ride and you brought yourself along so why complain when you don’t get exactly what you want when you want it? Bunch of spoiled designers.

    • By Saliel I - 8:49 PM on February 1, 2017  

      For example, here is a proper way to ask for feature updates.

      Hey adobe team, loving the product so far. A few thoughts on the latest update. I’m running windows on a laptop (nvidia geForce 800 series, i5 intel processor 12gb ram) and I noticed that in this update, XD pretty unstable. It seemed to crash fairly often after saving my work. The UI kits are looking good and I’m happy I can import SVG’s now! As you guys know however, we’re really hurting for stuff like layers and symbols. I particularly would love to know if we’ll be getting layers in the next update. Is that possible? Thank you for your time!

    • By Ho - 11:31 PM on February 1, 2017  

      Well, good luck with XD. After two or three years it will have all the features that I can use with Sketch right now.

      • By Saliel I - 6:23 AM on February 2, 2017  

        Then use Sketch? Again, you shouldn’t be replacing ANYTHING with adobe XD right now. It’s not meant for actual production work at the moment. I just think it’s ridiculous reading these comments of people saying that they NEED XD updated RIGHT NOW or else they’re screwed but THEY SHOULDN’T BE USING IT

  • By Nemaja - 12:49 AM on February 2, 2017  

    I think XD is here to stay. All I can recommend to the team is to work more on the design part of it. Obviously it is way better than Sketch in prototyping, just make sure it can compete with Sketch for designing.

  • By Kim - 5:52 AM on February 2, 2017  

    Well I am really annoyed. for the last month and a half I have locked out from XD Mac because it wants the update – but try as I can IT WON’T UPDATE – even to uninstalling and re-installing with supposedly new version. I am running iOS 10.12.2 so there should be no problem. Really jacked off at the moment. I want to use this with my Yr12 Students. Any ideas???

  • By rich - 3:24 PM on February 2, 2017  

    Dont see the guest commenting feature at all on my share link.

  • By Shonn - 4:46 PM on February 2, 2017  

    Extremely disappointed by this release, as a Mac user. Still cannot use Xd for actual work as I need the scrolling areas. Now have to wait another month for hopefully a more balanced release between Mac/Windows.

  • By Paul - 1:01 AM on February 3, 2017  

    Layers, Adobe. We want Layers.

  • By Mario Biancolella - 3:10 AM on February 5, 2017  

    When you’ll update XD with external plugins? This is the real power of your competitor “Sketch”, the power of a community that increases the possibilities of use.

  • By Peter - 11:16 PM on February 6, 2017  

    Snap to grid? Guest commenting? Seriously?

  • By Diego Merello - 11:50 PM on February 6, 2017  

    Think about Fireworks States, Pages, Layers, Design tools for Vector and bitmap. And copy them.

  • By Roman - 5:16 AM on February 10, 2017  

    Hey Adobe XD team. I wanna shout out loud YOU ARE AWESOME. We are freshly baked start-up and we’ve decided to use XD as our primary designing and prototyping tool (I know, still beta, crazy :-0). We are very satisfied how simple and fast XD is. Our developers love it too. Keep doing amazing job!!!

    PS: Lock objects(tool bar, etc,) on scrolling artboard??????

  • By Deborah - 12:27 AM on February 16, 2017  

    Hey Adobe XD team. Your Programm is awesome!! I have only two wishes. It would be great, if you can make possible to fix elements (like Navigation). And hover on elements.

    Greets Deborah

  • By joe - 10:50 AM on February 17, 2017  

    Very disappointing. Nothing new for Mac for months now. Thousands of viewers requesting basic grids (columns, gutters) – the most requested feature and not a word from Adobe when this will be added. Need to up your game if you want to ever capture any market share from Sketch.