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July 19, 2016 /UX/UI Design /

July Update of Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview)

We are excited to announce the July update for Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview). With each release, we’re constantly adding new features and improving the existing ones, based on your feedback. In this July update we’ve focused on bringing you the highly requested Zoom tool, improvements to export and enhancements to defining prototype flows.

To try out these new features, download the latest version of Adobe Experience Design or update it via the Help menu. (Help > Check for Updates)

What’s New in this Update?

Zoom Tool

As a designer, having the ability to zoom in and out of your artwork is critical, especially while working on details. In this update, we’ve introduced a new Zoom Tool located in the left toolbar. You can click and drag to create a rectangular marquee selection to zoom in on a specific part of the artboard.

Zoom Tool

Marquee select to zoom

If you are working with a trackpad you can pinch to zoom. If you are working with a mouse, you can use ALT+Mouse Scroll to zoom. You can also access zoom tool temporarily while panning (via SPACE) by adding CMD modifier. This is especially useful for quick navigation and switches back to your active tool once you are done zooming.

Zoom Tool Shortcuts & Tips

Zoom Tool Z
Temporary Zoom SPACE ⌘
Zoom In ⌘ +
Zoom Out ⌘ –
Zoom To Fit ⌘ 0
100% ⌘ 1
200% ⌘ 2
Zoom in one step Single-click
Zoom out one step OPT/ALT + Single-click
Zoom Tool

Zoom Tool in action

Go To Previous Artboard

Prior to this update, there was no way to create a true “back” button in your prototype that would return a user to the last artboard viewed. With this update, we have introduced an additional property in the target dropdown – “Previous Artboard”

By using this new option you can easily create a link back to the previous artboard without having to manually locate and draw a wire to it. Then head over to the Prototype mode and select “Previous Artboard” from the Target dropdown. When returning to the last visited artboard, the previous animation will automatically reverse and the duration of the animation matches the duration of the previous one. This is another great example of how important your feedback is to our team, helping us to define the workflows you need.

Previous Artboard

Select – Previous Artboard from the Target dropdown.

Previous artboard

Using Previous Artboard you can quickly create a back button.

Export PDF

With the July update, we are expanding the ways in which you can export artboards and assets. In addition to PNG and SVG export, XD now supports PDF export.

You can now export all your artboards or selected assets as a single PDF document or as multiple PDF documents. While exporting your artboards pick PDF from the Format menu in the export dialog. This new addition to the export options, should enable you to easily share, present and review your designs with stakeholders. We look forward to your feedback on the export options to further enhance and improve it.

PDF Export

Export options now support PDF in addition to SVG and PNG.

Copy & Paste from Sketch and other tools

Now bringing in content or copy from other applications is easier. Use the copy function (Cmd+C) to copy content from apps like Sketch, PowerPoint, InDesign — or any other tool that puts PDF onto the clipboard. A simple Paste command (Cmd+V) places it into your XD file. The pasted content will be editable in XD.

We’d love feedback on this feature if you find that your content does not import correctly into XD!

What’s coming soon?

Linear Gradients

We know how important gradients are and the team has been busy working on a cool new gradient editor. We couldn’t resist, so here is a sneak peek of what’s in store.

Linear Gradients

Sneak peak – Linear Gradients.

Korean Support

A while back, the XD team visited design agencies in Korea. They spent time understanding the kind of the challenges and workflows they deal with while working on screen design projects. As a result of that effort, we are thrilled to add support for Korean in the next release.

Be a part of this Journey


Big shout out to everyone who downloaded XD and sent us feedback. Your continued support in the form of feedback is absolutely valuable to the team. We constantly strive to build a better product that you designer will love. Visit our User Voice feedback site to suggest features, up vote ideas or report issues. As well as our Forum to participate in discussions with the community.


You can follow our handle @AdobeXD for updates or reach the team on Twitter using the #AdobeXD. You can also talk to us using Facebook where we answer questions during live sessions, share videos and other updates.


While sharing your prototypes on Behance, don’t forget to tag them with #MadeWithAdobeXD and select Adobe Experience Design under “Tools Used” for the opportunity to be featured in the Adobe XD Newsletter. Check out Sabine Schwarzkopf’s  Tralley app project on Behance designed using Adobe XD.

Events & Articles

The Adobe XD team visited UXcamp Europe #UXCE16 in Berlin on June 25/26 where attendees tested Adobe Experience Design CC. See what they had to say about the workshops

Video – Adobe XD at UXcamp Europe 2016: Parth Nilawar

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Reading – What if there were a formula to create innovative products, experiences or services? One of our product managers, Demian Borba, shares a manual for innovation.

Please download the latest version of Adobe Experience Design and let us know what you think. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  • By Nik - 9:43 PM on July 19, 2016  

    What about the layers? This year, next year… When?

    • By Andrew Shorten - 8:55 AM on July 20, 2016  

      This year. Soon.

      Andrew (Adobe).

      • By andras - 8:15 PM on July 20, 2016  

        Layers + Gradients update = using XD all day and drop out sketch 😉 Can’t wait guys. Keep up the good work!

  • By jerz - 10:53 PM on July 19, 2016  


    • By jerz - 11:04 PM on July 19, 2016  

      4 new features every month. hope next month will only have 1 update. The Windows version =)

      • By Andrew Shorten - 8:59 AM on July 20, 2016  

        We could certainly add more features per month, but then we’d likely reduce quality and performance.

        Our focus is on delivering the highest quality and most performant tool for UX design available – this takes more time.

        Some months you’ll see a higher number of smaller features, other months you’ll see fewer but larger features. Rest assured, our team is working as hard as we can to deliver the product that we believe our customers want.

        Andrew (Adobe)

        • By jerz - 10:30 AM on July 20, 2016  

          I do appreciate and thank you for the hard work. I don’t really mind even 1 update every month. quality and performance is important

        • By andras - 8:21 PM on July 20, 2016  

          “We could certainly add more features per month, but then we’d likely reduce quality and performance”

          Love this way of thinking!

    • By Andrew Shorten - 8:56 AM on July 20, 2016  

      We’re on track to deliver a Windows version later this year.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Frank - 6:30 AM on July 20, 2016  

    Zoom and Export PDF are probably the least needed features. This application is used to prototype apps and websites primarily. We need “Automatic scroll to section” upon button clicks to simulate actual app / website functions over these features. Master pages for navigations and element animations too.

    • By Andrew Shorten - 9:22 AM on July 20, 2016  

      Appreciate your feedback Frank.

      Our team takes input from a wide range of sources, including user voice, forums, social channels and meeting with customers – from which we derive priority. Even with that priority, there are some features which are larger investments that may take many months to deliver, so we continue to invest in a mix of different features.

      The areas you’ve raised are known to us and we absolutely intend to get to those over time. If you’d like to help increase the priority or clarify requirements you have then please head over to our user voice site ( and provide your thoughts there.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Luisfer - 7:30 AM on July 20, 2016  

    We need symbols or share a graphic in all views, we need the layers and a mirror button.

    • By Andrew Shorten - 9:23 AM on July 20, 2016  

      We’re working on symbols, layers and device mirroring. All coming over the coming months.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Amiode - 8:28 AM on July 20, 2016  

    4 features every month? Please remind me Adobe XD exists in 4 or 5 years, when you get close to InVision App.

    With Adobe infrastructure, the update release rate of this app is a total joke. Aside from the fact that you’ve launched an app which was unfinished ever since it came out (in a preview state), you expect the masses to ditch fully functioning alternative apps with complete working features, to start using an app which not even in 6 months does it have the minimum tools nor flexibility for design teams to start using it.

    Thanks, but this isn’t the Adobe I grew with and that followed me throughout practically all of my career.

    • By Andrew Shorten - 9:25 AM on July 20, 2016  

      Thanks for sharing your perspective.

      We’ve actually received a lot of positive feedback around our approach and have seen many customers be successful even with the minimal set of tools provided in the preview release.

      If the tool is not right for you at this point in time, then I’d certainly encourage you to check back in future when we are further along.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By @demianborba (Adobe) - 11:18 AM on July 20, 2016  

    Do you want to join Adobe XD Private Prerelease Program to access the latest and greatest features before they get to the general audience? Apply now: Very soon, only in prerelease, we will offer the first version of XD on Windows, as well as companion apps for iOS and Android for you to preview your designs in real time. Hope to see you there!

    • By jerome - 1:55 PM on July 20, 2016  

      Yes i do. Since you mentioned Windows, my ears are flapping like the happiest person on earth!

  • By Sergiy Yashchuk - 3:52 PM on July 20, 2016  

    Good job on copying assets from other apps. However when I’m trying to copy something from XD to Illustrator it copies as a bitmap :\

    I know you guys have a lot of things on your plate, but today’s update did not make me excited 🙁

    Love the product so far, looking forward for new updates!

    • By Andrew Shorten - 6:27 AM on July 21, 2016  

      If you are using the latest version of Illustrator most content should copy across as vector into XD. Let us know if you are still having issues by tweeting the team @AdobeXD.

      Andrew (Adobe)

  • By Paul - 1:01 AM on July 21, 2016  

    Hi, Adobe. Thank you for a very fast delivery of the new features. I very like XD. As to me, I expect mostly the feature which will make available fixed elements like sticky header, footer, buttons.

  • By Greg Phillips - 7:23 AM on July 21, 2016  

    I have really enjoyed being a part of the changes to Adobe applications. I have been working with most of the applications for almost 20 years. So all the negativity I ignore. Thanks for letting us help create this new tool. I have been waiting for the back to previous for the last month. Cannot wait to update my prototypes. I work mostly on internal applications at ServiceMaster so i have the unfortunate pleasure the be in the shadows. I want to be apart of the beta program but don’t really have the ability to showcase the work I can do.

  • By Prototyping - 7:55 AM on July 21, 2016  

    Master page? Please? With the ability to apply links to said Master Page?

  • By Declan Talbert - 9:05 AM on July 21, 2016  

    Awesome, just finished doing the online survey. I hope I can get the opportunity to test out the Adobe XD preview for Windows 10 😀

  • By Anna Hatzisavas - 4:58 PM on July 21, 2016  

    Hello, I found a previous blog showing that XD has the following feature: “a repeat grid functionality which allows you to quickly and easily add data to your prototypes, either from sample data within the program or from text or CSV files”. Just wondering where to find the sample data from or where can we add csvs? Original blog post:

  • By andoy - 5:29 PM on July 21, 2016  

    i can’t underline a text. let’s make this a top priority feature please

    • By devdsine - 12:01 AM on July 22, 2016  

      So I am not the only one. Thank you!

  • By AJ - 9:35 AM on July 22, 2016  

    please make hotspot templates, overlays, asset states, anchor scroll your TOP PRIORITY. without these xd will never be used for any real development projects.

    right now you’re getting positive feedback because adobe is finally making a prototyping tool. don’t mistake this positive welcome feedback as an excuse to push updates on a snail pace. at this rate you will never catch up to invision and we will never switch.

    i’m actually pretty disappointed with adobe. They have the monopoly on the entire design world. but is failing significantly to keep up with the app world.

  • By Noel - 7:41 AM on July 25, 2016  

    Any update that improves the app is a welcome update. But gradient and animation for the prototype is an essential tools for this app.

  • By Derek - 7:53 AM on July 25, 2016  

    XD needs a way to view on device over network. I cannot upload sensitive data to the cloud.

  • By A Joseph - 7:13 AM on July 29, 2016  

    Any plans to integrate Adobe Preview ?
    Export to PSD ?

    Love this tool …