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August 26, 2014 /

Kicking things off – A whole new Prelude blog!

Welcome to the new Adobe Prelude Blog! When starting off a new blog the challenge is always in how to begin. The second challenge is usually an immediate sense of ‘How do we keep this informative and entertaining?’  After all, we’d hate to lose you all on the first day on the job.

So maybe we just start with the basics about what Prelude is and who the contributors to this blog are. If we don’t put you to sleep with these first opening paragraphs congratulations! There’s more great content down the page and we promise to reward you with lots of great articles further down the road.

First, who are we?

Michael Lewis:  I have been with Adobe since 2001.  I began my career at Adobe as a Quality Engineer for Adobe Photoshop, and then in 2005 I moved to the Adobe Premiere Pro in the same position.  Over the years I have worked closely with engineering, customers, and partners to help develop Adobe’s video tools into an integral part of many production workflows.  That work, eventually, led to my current position as a Product Manager for Adobe Prelude and Adobe Story.  I look forward to contributing to this blog, and bringing you, the reader, along on the journey to making Prelude the best product it can be.

Michael Goshey: I’ve been with Adobe since August 2000. During that time I’ve been either writing code or managing products and teams. I’ve been fortunate to be part of the Premiere Pro team, the Adobe Media Encoder and MediaCore teams, the Broadcast Engineering Team, the Speedgrade Team and the Prelude & LiveLogger teams.  Currently I’m a Senior Engineering Manager and Product Owner for Prelude and Speedgrade. I’ve been with the Prelude effort since it’s beginning over 4 years ago.  I’m happy to see how it has matured and yet still excited about all the potential and plans for the future. Many of those plans and concepts we will explore here in our blog.

The two of us travel quite extensively to interact with customers. We learn a great deal by visiting customers and hearing about the ways in which they’d like to leverage Prelude within their production and post production environments. We hope to bring some of those stories and case studies to this blog in the near future as well as have some guest appearances by customers around the world.

Next up: What is Adobe Prelude and why was it created?

Adobe Prelude was originally created by Adobe with input from our partners CNN and the BBC. File-based capture and media was just starting to take off and we realized early there was going to be a need for better file management solutions to keep track of what was about to be a huge influx of new media. We wanted Prelude to be that solution.

Adobe Prelude stands on three (3) main workflow pillars: Ingest and Organization, Logging and Rough Cutting.

Ingest and Organization

Before you can organize your media you first need to get it off your camera and memory cards – or “ingest” it. So one of the first elements of Prelude was our Ingest workflow. Unlike some of the other file-based ingest tools already in the market at the time that only supported one or two video formats, we wanted Prelude to support all the popular video formats natively. A great deal of time was spent to ensure we could do just that. Over time we added additional capabilities such as transcoding on ingest, stitching, smart rendering, custom dynamic metadata, and batch file renaming. And we have plans for more exciting features in the future.


Ingest Panel


Logging media was also an early cornerstone of the product. Temporal metadata workflows (markers) had not been given the first class usability treatment in most NLE’s at this time. Prelude wanted to create a simple and intuitive interface to allow non-craft editors the ability to participate effectively in the digital video workflow. Along with the switch to file-based media, came the real need of having to sort through all that material to find the best cuts. Prelude needed to provide a fast and simple solution to fill that need. Our keyboard driven marker logging workflow proved to fit the bill.  Yet we wanted to make logging even easier and faster for our customers. In our Prelude CC 2014 release earlier this year we added a significant new logging feature – the Tag Panel. The Tag Panel is driven by customer generated Tagging Templates that place markers with tags on media in the Timeline with a single button click. These templates can be published into your creative cloud account and shared with others. Thus creating a common, shared metadata template across the production team. The best part about all of the metadata added by Prelude is that it seamlessly flows into Premiere Pro to assist and enhance the post production process.


Tag Panel

Rough cutting

Rough cutting has been one of the pillars of Prelude since the beginning. However, it was probably the one area where we invested the least amount of time and effort… until recently. Over the past year we’ve added a number of cool features to our rough cutter and have several more planned for an upcoming release. In 2013 we introduced the ability to export a rough cut directly from Prelude using Adobe Media Encoder. Prior to this feature you had to first send the rough cut to Premiere Pro and then export from there. In our June 2014 release we introduced trimming and relinking. The positive feedback we received from the addition of these two features was great! And along with the feedback came additional requests and suggestions. The team is now working on another set of improvements and enhancements for our rough cut workflow we know you’ll love. It’s a little early to announce it, but stay tuned.


Rough Cut Timeline (with Trimming)

It’s been a fun ride getting the first three (3) major releases of Prelude out the door. We feel we’ve established a solid platform and capabilities in the product, and now that most of the foundation work has been completed we’re able to innovate at an even faster pace. We look forward to sharing with you the new concepts and solutions we have planned for upcoming releases.

Of course, we are always interested in hearing from you what you think we should do next!

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  • By Tom Miller - 11:59 PM on August 29, 2014  

    I would love to see better handling of AVCHD media (C100 owner here). It would save a huge amount of time if Prelude could unpack the media into separate files, preserve camera metadata (including timecode), join split files where needed and allow renaming the files on export. This would save many steps from the current workflow.

  • By Rupert Howe - 11:14 PM on September 2, 2014  


    Nice to see this.

    Prelude is really starting to come into its own at BBC Bristol as our Ingest tool. And in other places too.

    It’s great that the rough cut tool is more independent and has trimming and relinking.

    But I hadn’t registered the tag panel. I’m going to have to play with that.



    • By Meagan Keane - 11:27 PM on September 2, 2014  

      Awesome Rupert – glad to hear you’re putting Prelude to the test!