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March 31, 2015 /Customer Success /

Kings Vision captures excitement of second Stanley Cup victory

LA Kings production team edits second season of Emmy Award-winning Stanley Cup Moments using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Only two years after becoming Stanley Cup Champions in 2012, the LA Kings reclaimed the title, winning the 2014 Stanley Cup. With these championship wins, fans of the LA Kings have only become more vocal in their support of the team. Kings Vision, led by Director of Production Aaron Brenner, helps fans gain a better appreciation for their team and relive the highlights with spectacular video content.

After the 2012 championship, Kings Vision used Adobe Premiere Pro CC software to wow fans with a series of video highlights called Stanley Cup Moments, which received three nominations and a win for Sports Feature at the Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards. Brenner and his team have just wrapped up a 2014 edition of the well-received mini-series.

If you happen to be attending the 2015 NAB Show, Brenner will be delivering a presentation entitled “LA Kings: Producing Championship Content with Creative Cloud” in the Adobe theater on Tuesday, April 14th at 9:30 am and Wednesday, April 15th at 2:00 pm.


Adobe: How was the reception to Stanley Cup Moments?

Brenner: Our 20 episodes of Stanley Cup Moments, which we produced to celebrate the 2012 championship, got an incredible response from both Kings fans and the hockey world. We had really high viewership metrics, both through DVD and Blu-ray sales and repeat online viewings. It’s amazing to have such strong fan support, but our three Emmy Award nominations were a true acknowledgement of what we’re doing here on a technical level. Our category only had five nominees, so having three of our episodes nominated was a great feeling. After that, the Emmy Award win was really icing on the cake.

Adobe: What other types of projects do you typically work on?

Brenner: We handle all types of video content, so if fans are seeing LA Kings footage, it was probably produced by us. That includes clips shown on TV broadcasts, interviews and highlights streaming to computers or mobile devices, and player profiles shown on the scoreboards at Staples Center. Sometimes the work is completed over weeks or months, but other times we need to have video ready to go in hours.

In all, we typically produce 2,000 videos a season, so speed is absolutely key for us. Our projects are ever-changing and evolving, so we rely on our Adobe Creative Cloud workflow to help us keep on schedule and push out more content fast.


Adobe: What are you planning for the follow-up to Stanley Cup Moments?

Brenner: After the Kings won the Cup in 2014, our fans were ready for a second edition of Stanley Cup Moments. We shot over 100 TB of game footage and interviews, which is more than double the amount from the 2012 Stanley Cup run. Besides the sheer volume, the biggest change is that we filmed in ultra-high resolution—anywhere from 4K to 6K—and couldn’t be happier that we did.

Adobe: Why shoot in 6K?

Brenner: The LA Kings have been around for 50 years, so we’re a brand with quite a bit of history. As we shoot footage, especially something as significant as the 2014 Stanley Cup championship, our goal isn’t just making a video for fans today. We’re also capturing a moment in the team’s history that will be important to fans 50 years from now. We only have about one hour of footage from the earliest years, and some of it’s already quite degraded. I like to think that by producing content in the highest possible quality that we can achieve right now, I’m helping out whoever will have my job in decades to come.

That doesn’t mean that we aren’t making the most of 6K footage today. We’re mastering Stanley Cup Moments in 1080p resolution, but working with 6K video gives us so many more options for how we push in and reframe shots in the edit bay. If a player’s illustrating a play with his hands, we can zoom in and focus on his hand movements without losing any resolution. The latitude we’re getting from a single 6K angle is more than what we could have expected. We’re able to set the tone of an interview by scaling up and adding drama. Giving our editors two angles for these interviews, each in 6K, gives them flexibility we’ve never had before.


Adobe: What are some of the biggest benefits of Adobe Premiere Pro?

Brenner: We’re always looking for ways to get better, work faster, and reduce wasted down time. When we were working on Stanley Cup Moments back in 2012, we realized that Final Cut Pro was going to be too slow for our purposes. We simply had such a huge volume of footage, and we couldn’t waste time waiting to transcode it all.

With Premiere Pro CC, we can take any format, from GoPro video to 6K footage, and drop it on the timeline. No transcoding and no waiting. We not only save hours, but we don’t have to account for extra storage space to handle the transcoded video files.

We use Adobe Photoshop CC and After Effects CC to edit stills and add effects, so the integration among Creative Cloud tools is also a huge break for us. The Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC is an especially big time saver. We can export shots into After Effects, add titles, and immediately see the updates in Premiere Pro.


Adobe: What’s next for Kings Vision?

Brenner: We’re working on some new projects that will provide a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be an elite team in the NHL. We have tons of original content on the production schedule – sizzle videos for our fans at Staples Center, our Ice Girls calendar, videos, and more. We’ve also started experimenting with some other applications in Creative Cloud, including Adobe Prelude CC, to make our workflow more efficient than ever.

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