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Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 by Phil Hawkins

Infinite Skills has provided some free sample videos from the Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 training series by Phil Hawkins.

Phil has a casual, easy-going, conversational manner to his video training, and he makes learning new technical skills a pleasant experience—perhaps in part because of his great voice. (This is a characteristic that he shares with my partner Angie Taylor.)

These are very basic videos, but that’s no criticism—people need to learn the basics before moving on to more advanced subjects.

Here are links to free sample videos from this series and pages for additional information on the same topics:

Really, my only criticism about this series is that some of the surrounding collateral—such as the box cover and bumper video that plays at the beginning of the series—are a bit sloppy, even getting product names wrong. For example, the box refers to Premiere CS5, not Premiere Pro CS5.

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