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April 29, 2009 /Region of Interest /

List all plug-ins and version numbers loaded into After Effects

If you’re running After Effects on Mac OS and you have a full keyboard (as opposed to the crippled sub-keyboards on the new MacBook Pro laptops), then you can very easily tell After Effects to generate a list of all plug-ins loaded into After Effects, including version numbers.

Just press Command+Option+Shift+Help. (No, not the Help menu command. There’s a Help button on full Macintosh keyboards. It’s on the right side on my keyboard.)

But what if you’re running After Effects on Windows or using one of the new, maddeningly incomplete MacBook Pro keyboards? Don’t worry. The command is still available. You just have to remap the keyboard shortcut to a different key combination.

Just change this line in the shortcuts file and then restart After Effects:

“WriteVersionFileExtra” = “(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+HELP)”

I mapped mine to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 on Windows, like this:

“WriteVersionFileExtra” = “(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1)”

You can find the shortcuts file on Windows in the Application DataAdobeAfter Effects directory, the same directory that contains the preferences file. For example, this is where the file is on my Windows XP system:

C:Documents and SettingskoprivaApplication DataAdobeAfter Effects9.0Adobe After Effects 9.0 Shortcuts.txt

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