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Live Event: Create With Brian Yap

Join Brian Yap for an online event on December 9—he’ll demonstrate how he uses Adobe mobile apps to create his stunning illustrations on an Apple iPad Pro.


Illustrator, designer, and Adobe associate creative director Brian Yap has made Adobe mobile apps a key part of his creation process. As with many artists, his typical workflow used to be drawing something by hand, scanning it, and then finishing the work digitally. But these days, he uses mobile apps such as Adobe Capture CC and Adobe Illustrator Draw not only to capture shapes, textures, and colors, but also to sketch and do detail work. He utilizes techniques that build on his more traditional foundation, as well as techniques that have been shaped by the introduction of these new tools.


Adobe mobile apps, he says, allow him to work “five times faster”—and this gives him more time to explore new ideas.  


Adobe Create magazine’s “Create With” live sessions are ride-along looks at an artist’s creation process. In our next event, on December 9, Brian Yap will demonstrate some of the ways he’s using Adobe’s free mobile apps—often in ingenious combinations. He’ll show how he created this image of a woman in Dia de los Muertos attire: how he combined photos to create the basic outline, captured colors and shapes to use in the image, turned captures and sketches into brushes and shapes, and finished the image with layered colors and details.

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