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December 14, 2015 /Digital Imaging /

Low Poly Style with Adobe Stock Contributor Mark Kirkpatrick

Low poly style has been one of the biggest emerging trends for 2015, and looks to continue so into 2016. Adobe Stock Contributor Mark Kirkpatrick’s portfolio is a shining example of that graphic skill, awash with bold colors and a consistent style. We spoke to him to find out more about him and his beautiful visuals.

Can you introduce yourself, where you’re based and explain a bit about your journey into how you started selling your photos on stock websites?

My name is Mark Kirkpatrick and I’m a visual designer and illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. A few years back a friend recommended I check out some places that I could sell some of my 3D illustration images as stock. I decided to give it a shot and now here we are.

Astronaut with Mars Mountain Landscape


It’s often the case on stock that the more images in your portfolio, the more you sell. However, you have what could be described as a ‘less is more’ portfolio in that it’s not got a lot of images and yet you are a high seller. Is this your intention?

I like to keep the focus on quality over quantity as much as possible. I would rather have fewer images in my collection and know that they are images that I have given my best effort to. With keeping my collection on the smaller side I try to offer variety in color palettes and mood.

Low-Poly 3D Moon in Outer Space


Space and landscapes are strong themes throughout your portfolio – why is this and what for what purposes do you think your images are used for?

There is something very attractive to me about barren landscapes. The way light plays on the forms. When I’m making them I almost feel like I’m there. We live in a world of so much information now, I enjoy that these worlds are stripped down and minimal. I want the viewer to wonder what is just around the bend. I’m not sure what the images are used for but I hope they make a nice impact.

The colors in your images are extremely unique and bold. How do you work the schemes for them?

The color schemes are usually created through a lot of trial and error. I think my mood at the time also plays a role in the way the colors are presented. I spend the most time trying to capture just the right mood and balance with the lighting.

Low-Poly Mountain Landscape at Night with Stars


Can you explain a bit about your creative process – what tools/software you use?

I usually start out with a rough sketch to get an idea of how I want block out a composition. I then jump into Cinema 4D and model the scene in 3D. This allows me to play with different camera angles to find just the right layout. The next stage is applying textures and lights. This is the most fun and time-consuming part. I will sometimes spend hours adjusting colors and lights to get the look I’m desiring. From there I render out the image and take it into Photoshop to composite the elements together and add final polishing.

Low-Poly 3D Mountain Landscape with Water and Reflection


How has your work developed since you began contributing to stock? Or do you think it’s remained consistent?

I still love creating landscape images. I have a Tumblr page that I regularly contribute new work to. In the near future I have plans for an animation and VR project. Lots of exciting things coming up.

Are you able to choose a favorite image from your portfolio and explain why it’s your favorite?

My favorite image in the collection is Low-Poly Mountain Landscape at Dusk with Moon. I really like how the shadows play off the mountain form.

Low-Poly Mountain Landscape at Dusk with Moon


A big thank you to Mark for speaking with us. To view more of his work, check out his Adobe Stock portfolio and on Tumblr.

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