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Make It… More Than A Campaign

Unbounded by place, creative sensibility is the potential to be inspired by a trip to the grocery store. To be awed by products that are patinated, faded, rusty and worn. To be mesmerized by the way light hits a surface. To be stunned by the sudden understanding of a simple universal truth. To be enraptured by the essence of a memory.

We understand that particular type of receptiveness. And fanning the flames of inspiration is more than our business. It is our passion.

Because we know what it’s like to have an idea flash in front of our eyes only to have it, one minute later, disappear when thoughts about the next item to check off a to do list push it aside. So we created ways for people who create for a living to capture moments, recall details, and make tangible memories by transforming what they experience, when they’re experiencing it, into assets that can be used in their work.

Our mobile capture apps (Adobe Shape, and Brush, and Color and Comp CC) offer the power and possibility of everywhere. The power of untethered creativity. To showcase that freedom, that flexibility, we created the #MakeIt campaign. We outfitted artists with our mobile apps and dropped them in remote locations around the world for the sole purpose of unleashing their creativity:

Shawna X traveled to the serene and pristine White Sands, New Mexico

“I was captivated and inspired by the natural curves and forms of the dunes. That emotional response made its way into my work.”

David Mascha wandered the abandoned Bärenquell Brewery in Berlin, Germany

“I found a section of the wall in the brewery that had several graffiti pieces layered over one another and the composite had great color. I captured what became the main palette for my illustration allowing me to pull directly from the environment to create rich and successful gradients.”

Takehiro Tobinaga marveled at the magic of the Kumano Kodo Trail in Mie, Japan

“Adobe Shape CC immediately transformed the complex shapes and textures of trees and moss into concepts that I could use to express, in my work, what I experienced in the location.”

They opened their eyes and their minds to their surroundings. Gathered shapes, colors, textures, and images into their Creative Cloud Libraries. Then hit their desktop apps, with their assets, their inspiration, and their ideas.For Shawna X, David, and Takehiro it was grains of sand, graffitied walls, and untrampled forests. In the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling the assets and insights behind the work of a new group of Make It artists.
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  • By Duplex BCN - 5:52 AM on August 30, 2015  

    I like adobe,I use many tools from adobe. they doing great job!

  • By Stephen - 4:30 PM on August 31, 2015  

    Exciting to see Adobe cultivating individual vision via design, photography + film. S.Guenther

  • By Rich Leighton - 12:00 PM on September 1, 2015  

    I just put some of these apps on my phone….. can’t wait to start using them! This article just gave me the nudge I need!