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Make It with Adobe [Updated]

Shawna X—Lost in White Sands, New Mexico.

We outfitted artists with our mobile apps and dropped them in remote locations around the world—for the sole purpose of creating stunning work.

They went to work gathering shapes, colors, textures, and images into their Creative Cloud Libraries. Then they hit their desktop apps, with their assets, their inspiration, and their ideas to create projects for our #MakeIt campaign. So far, Shawna X has traveled to the serene and pristine White Sands, New Mexico and David Mascha wandered about the abandoned Bärenquell Brewery in Berlin, Germany.

Now we’re looking for three more artists.

We’re on the hunt for artists for the next phase of our #MakeIt campaign. Those selected will co-create with Vault 49 artists Luke Choice and Kervin Brisseaux and will each end up with their work plastered across a billboard somewhere in New York City… without ever having to leave their desks/offices/workspaces.

We’ll gather assets with Luke and Kervin who will scout the New York neighborhoods where the billboard art will pop up, then we’ll fill three Creative Cloud Libraries with the shapes, colors, textures, and images from each neighborhood—for instance, Brooklyn—and share one with each artist, who will create final art based on the assets inspired by each community’s local vibe.

David Mascha—Among the ruins of the Bärenquell Brewery in Berlin, Germany.

In addition to the billboard spaces, the commissioned work will be shared with the world, throughout the process, with takeovers on our social networks.

If you’re a designer, illustrator, photographer, or any other creative type, who can commit to working on this project between July 29 and August 10, we want to see your work.

Help us find you by applying to our Behance Talent Search listing.

A simple checklist to help with the process:

  1. A Behance profile. You’ll need one to apply.
    If you don’t have one already, create one (make sure to let us know which social networks you’re on) and fill it with personal, client, or experimental work OR complete the On The Web section with a list of other networks (a blog, Flickr, Instagram, etc.) where we can see your work.
  2. Want us to see a particular project in your portfolio? Tag it with #MakeItNYC so we can find it.

The deadline to submit a portfolio is Saturday, July 25. And since it’s possible to participate from anywhere…. Get on it!

Congratulations to our next Make It artists: Rik Oostenbroek, Birgit Palma, and Fredy Santiago.

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