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August 3, 2009 /Audition /Soundbooth /

Audition/Soundbooth Session at MAX 2009

MAX 2009, Adobe’s largest designer and developer event is right around the corner. Coming quick on October 4-7, 2009, it will be located in Los Angeles this year. MAX tends to be jam-packed with Flash developers, motion graphics artists, and videographers, so not your typical audio event. However, we are going to have one audio session, and are working hard on what to focus on. Our comrade in audio, Jason Levine, will be the presenter for a 60 minute session dedicated to Soundbooth CS4 and Audition 3.

Jason will kick-off the session with creating sound in Soundbooth CS4, and then go on to developing more advanced skills with Audition 3. He’ll help folks figure out I whether Soundbooth or Audition is best for them and focus on some key techniques to make audio engineering easier. Should be an interesting event with a lot of visually creative professionals looking to design audio for their projects.

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