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Maxon Cinema 4D importer plug-in updated, fixes “Unexpected FunctionBlock5 flags” error

Maxon has fixed a bug in their plug-in for exchange of data with After Effects CC that caused some errors when the plug-in was loaded.

To get the new plug-in, go to this page on the Maxon website and click the “Download” link next to the “Plugins for After Effects CC CINEMA 4D R14/R15 connection” heading.

With the previous version of the plug-in, you might see the following error messages when After Effects started and loaded the plug-in:

“After Effects error internal verification failure, sorry! {Unexpected FunctionBlock5 flags for FunctionBlock4} (5024 ::53)”

“AEGP Plugin SDK_IO: Could not register file type. (5027 :: 12).”

“AEGP Plugin SDK_IO: There was an error registering the plugin. (5027 :: 12).”

You can tell whether you have the current version of the plug-in by looking at its modification date in the file system, which is February 28, 2014 for the new version.

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