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migrating settings from After Effects CC (12.0) to After Effects CC (12.1)

[UPDATE: This is fixed in the After Effects CC (12.2) update. See this page for details.]

When you install the After Effects CC (12.1) update, the application will use default settings for preferences, workspaces, output module templates, render settings templates, interpretation rules, and compositions settings templates.

The After Effects CC (12.0) settings that you may have modified are still on your computer, though. You can manually copy them to the correct place for After Effects CC (12.1) to use them, as long as you are also careful to change the version number in the file names for some of the files.

The files and folders are in the folder that we loosely refer to as the “preferences folder” for After Effects, which is in the following locations for After Effects CC (12.1):

  • Mac OS: /Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/12.1
  • Windows: AppDataRoamingAdobeAfter Effects12.1

You don’t need to manually dig for those, though, since you can open this folder in the Mac OS Finder or Windows Explorer from within After Effects. Just open the Preferences dialog box and click the Reveal In Finder or Reveal In Explorer button at the bottom. To navigate to the 12.0 version of the folder, just go up one level to the After Effects folder and then back down into the 12.0 folder that sits alongside the 12.1 folder.

To transfer your settings files from After Effects CC (12.0) to After Effects CC (12.1), first quit After Effects, and then copy the following files and folders from the 12.0 folder to the 12.1 folder and replace any instance of ‘12.0’ in any file name with ‘12.1’:

  • Workspaces.xml
  • Interpretation Rules.txt
  • Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-text.txt
  • Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-paint.txt
  • Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-indep-render.txt
  • Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-indep-output.txt
  • Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-indep-composition.txt
  • Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-indep-general.txt
  • Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs.txt
  • Adobe After Effects 12.0 MC Prefs
  • OriginalUserWorkspaces
  • ModifiedUserWorkspaces
  • DVADialogPrefs

Note: The names of the files and folders are translated (localized) if you’ve installed After Effects in a language other than English, but the general instructions above still apply to other languages.

This method does not work for transferring modified keyboard shortcuts, because the contents of the keyboard shortcuts file have changed significantly from After Effects CC (12.0) to After Effects CC (12.1).

We apologize for this hassle of needing to manually copy files and folders. We had begun work on migrating the settings automatically from After Effects CC (12.0) to After Effects CC (12.1), but the amount of testing to get this right was larger than we could do in the time that we had available. Rather than delay the entire update or take time away from more critical bug fixes, we decided that we could release the update with this relatively minor inconvenience. We thought that this would be acceptable since we have never in any previous version of After Effects migrated settings from one version to the next. What we failed to understand was how this “new version” coming as an update would not be expected to return settings to their defaults in the same way that, say, moving from CS5 to CS6 would do. Again, we’re sorry for not realizing how unexpected and annoying this would be to you.

We’re currently working on a feature to migrate settings from previous versions of After Effects, and we’re hoping to have this feature ready for an update in December. Stay tuned for more information about that.

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