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June 12, 2015 /Web Design /

Minimize Your Web Design For Maximum Impact

While the Internet is a buzz with numerous web designs trends, this one definitely has our attention – minimalism.

Minimalism is a web design style that is focused on simplicity and the elimination of unnecessary and superfluous elements. It strips the website down to its fundamental colors, shapes, textures and elements. It keeps only what truly matters. And the result is a design and a site that is clean, concise and intuitive.

Growing in popularity, minimalist design is based on three basic fundamentals – alignment, contrast and balance. Minimalist designs make great use of outstanding creative play and use of simplicity, striking typography and whitespace.


Nua Bikes by Alicia Gomez

The aim of a minimalism design is to bring the most important content to the front, to reduce or eliminate distractions and noise for the reader. With too many elements, the reader becomes confused about what to take in and can easily misunderstand the priority of each element. Minimalist design helps the reader to focus on the most important element.

Minimalism web design works for a range of applications, including:

  • Business websites
  • Portfolios
  • Blogs
  • Magazines

Tim Brack

Trends within the Minimalism Trend

Minimalism design doesn’t stop with the imagery but extends further to include content, form, color, simple language and a single yet strong CTA.  You can create a website that is stunning without needing to use heavy effects and design elements. Often with a minimalistic design, readers are ‘forced’ into reading the limited content on offer and message is in fact amplified by its simplicity. Current ‘sub-­‐trends’ within minimalism:

Black & White versus Color

While many minimalist designs seem quite grayscale; there is an extensive use of just black and white, a splash of color can add creative elements to a still clean design, one that expresses a brand or a business in a conceptually stark and yet appealing manner. Use of a strong color can ensure your minimalist designs stands out while remaining simple and true to the minimalistic style.

city guides

Rally Interactive by Rally Interactive


Typography-­‐based web design is closely tied to minimalism where very little is used to excite the reader – you can even use interesting typography as the sole visual element.


Maaemo Restaurant by Bielke+Yang

Minimal Content

Creating a minimalist web design is not simply cutting out all the elements but rather rethinking the content and allowing it to shine. Determine the content the site absolutely must have and get rid of the rest. Eliminate any content not considered essential to the website and its goals, such as:

  • Social media section, graphics and icons
  • Secondary navigation pages
  • ‘Featured’, ‘recent’ and ‘popular’ element including RSS and Twitter feed lists
  • Taglines, introductions and supplementary descriptions

The aim is not to make the website less functional just to remove unnecessary elements. You can consider combining sections into a simpler layout or dividing content into separate pages to give due attention to the important content.


Danish by Spring/Summer

Already implementing simplified designs? Chances are there is further you can go, more you can do. With there being so much ‘noise’ on the web, being visually quiet is extremely powerful and creates maximum impact. Eliminate clutter and create a purposeful and clear design and content elements – everything needs to be presented in a clear and concise fashion. Use imagery where possible to create an impact and keep words to a minimum.

Minimalist designs should have little texture, color, shape, lines, content or type.

Go toobare, though, and the design will be boring. Rather than dumping everything out, give the design appeal by making just one important feature the focal point.

Choose what that focus will be, and keep the tips below in mind as you work through your design.

And when you think you have achieved a minimalist web design heed the advice of one of the most stylish and striking women of all time:

“Before you leave the house, remove one piece.” – Coco Chanel

Minimalist web design can be stunning and is likely to be around for years to some, so understanding some of the techniques will be increasingly beneficial for both your own projects and those of your clients. Even if you don’t want to create websites strictly in the minimalism style, the principles can help you to simplify your designs; never a bad thing.

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  • By Rob mason - 4:03 PM on June 13, 2015  

    Great article Shayne, but what about the detrimental effects on SEO? Do you have any advice to combat the issue that many of the features you suggest to leave out are important factors towards a site’s SEO score?