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December 8, 2008 /Region of Interest /

moderators for After Effects Community Help

As described in a previous post on this blog and some posts elsewhere, you can—and should!—add comments to After Effects Help to add tips, techniques, and links to free online resources relevant to After Effects.

Each comment is evaluated by a group of expert moderators, who decide whether to leave the comment on the page and how many Community Help points to assign for the comment. (For example, feature requests and bug reports for the applications are redirected to a more appropriate communication channel, and these comments are not left on the pages of the Help documents.)

The moderators also add comments of their own, work with administrators (like me) to add resources to the Community Help custom search engine database, and otherwise build the universe of knowledge in After Effects Community Help. Some of the moderators also post answers (and questions) on various After Effects forums, including the After Effects user-to-user forum, Mograph, and AE Enhancers. Each of the moderators has a Community Help profile page, where they say a little about themselves and tell the world where else on the Web they can be found.

I’d like to take this chance to thank the After Effects Community Help moderators.

Thanks, folks. Your generosity with your knowledge and experience is helping a lot of people.

Check out the moderators’ profiles, see where else you can find them, and laugh at their pictures.

These are the moderators who moderate material in English (though some of them also moderate material in other languages, too):

We also have a group of folks who moderate material only in languages other than English. Gerhard Koren is the administrator for those folks. Danke schön, Gerhard.

As long as I’m listing and thanking folks for contributing to After Effects Community Help, here’s a shout-out to the folks who’ve so far contributed the most to After Effects CS4 Help through their comments, most of whom have profile pages that you can check out:

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