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Need Inspiration? Try a Guide!

Guide_GetStarted copyWe’ve included project guides to inspire you. These animated storyboards include suggestions for shot composition and story structure to jumpstart your video, based on pro filmmaking conventions.

To get started with a guide, tap the + sign to start a new project. Under the new project name dialog box, tap on the link that says Need inspiration? Try a guide! Then you can choose a template that best fits the project you want to create. Each guide has an example video explaining how to create a similar project.

Once you have chosen your template, tap “Get Started”. This will create a new project for you with storycards as placeholders for your media. Just like in any other Clip project, you can rearrange the storycards or delete them to best tell the story you want to tell.

Replace the illustrations with your own footage, or tap on the green camera icon to shoot from your device. When you tap the camera icon, Clip will automatically replace the storycard with the video you shoot.


Some of the guides– like Report the NewsLearn About a Cause and Pitch a Project– include motion graphics and animated titles that you can choose to leave in your final project.


You don’t need to follow our guides to a T. Feel free to go off script! Use the guides as inspiration for how to set up a shot or create a particular kind of video. Or create your own storycards in Premiere Clip to plan your project!


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