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April 11, 2011 /Audition /

New audio engine for Adobe Audition = massive performance improvements

Process audio in the background while working in the foreground.

Process audio in the background while working in the foreground.

Completely rewritten to take advantage of multicore processors on Macs and PCs, Audition CS5.5 provides substantial performance improvements compared to previous versions. The time it takes to complete many audio editing and sweetening tasks has been sliced to a fraction of what it once was. You can also pile on the intensive audio tasks such as processing large audio files in the background in the Waveform editor while you continue to play back and edit multitrack sessions in the Multitrack editor.

Background processing and audio multitasking means you’ll get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Many other workflow enhancements add to the overall increased efficiency of editing audio with Audition CS5.5. Track effect pre-render lets you apply effects to a track to free up CPU cycles, while still being able to change the effects settings on the fly. The new History panel lets you quickly return to earlier versions of audio files and sessions without having to reconstruct original settings. And with XML auto-save, you’ll lose much less time if you need to recover work.

Download the Mac preview version here until early May to see for yourself, and learn more about the new power of Audition CS5.5 here.