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new commands for finding missing footage, missing effects, and missing fonts in After Effects CC (12.0)

(For a complete list of what’s new and changed in After Effects CC (12.0), see this page.)

There are three new commands for finding missing items:

  • File > Dependencies > Find Missing Effects
  • File > Dependencies > Find Missing Fonts
  • File > Dependencies > Find Missing Footage

Note: Other commands from the File menu have also been moved into the new File > Dependencies submenu: Collect Files, Consolidate Footage, Remove Unused Footage, Reduce Project.

You can also type any of the following into the search field in the Project panel to search for missing items:

  • Missing Effects
  • Missing Fonts
  • Missing Footage

When you have isolated a composition that contains references to a missing item, such as missing effects, simply double-click that composition in the Project panel to open the composition in the Timeline panel and automatically execute the search for the missing effects. This filters the layers in the Timeline panel to show only instances of missing effects.

Note that the search for missing footage doesn’t currently distinguish between missing footage and footage for which the importer plug-in is unavailable.

The search for missing fonts works in cases in which a text layer depends on multiple fonts, even if only a subset of them are missing.

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