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New product updates for HTML5 Web Tooling

Happy Valentine’s Day! To spread love to all our Creative Cloud members (free or paid), we released several new product updates for HTML5 Web tooling today.

Leading the release is the first public preview of Edge Reflow, a new responsive design tool that we first showed a sneak peek to the community at our Create the Web event in September 2012. We heard from many users wanting to get their hands on Edge Reflow and today we’re happy to make that happen. We look forward to people playing with this very early preview release and telling us what type of features they would like to see added.

We’re also excited to deliver several new feature updates to the following products:

  • Edge Animate has been updated with new capabilities for easily adding CSS gradients and CSS filters. A new visual web font selector powered by the Edge Web Fonts service has also been added.
  • Edge Code now has been updated with support for live preview that shows changes in the browser as soon as they are made and supports editing code inline instead of requiring you to switch between files. Code hinting support for CSS and HTML properties have also been added.
  • Dreamweaver has integrated support for Edge Web Fonts making it easy to review, select and incorporate fonts into projects. The Fluid Grid Layouts have also been updated with a new editing interface for flexibility in creating fluid grid.

All these releases are immediately available, exclusively to both free and paid Creative Cloud members. Click here for more information on Adobe Edge Reflow.


  • By Alesia Graden - 6:07 AM on May 17, 2013  

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