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new ProRes, Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad, Android, and MXF presets for Adobe Media Encoder CS6

We have recently released new sets of encoding presets for Adobe Media Encoder CS6. These include new presets for some mobile devices, including the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook, iPad, and Android tablets, as well as new presets for XDCAM EX and AVC-Intra in MXF wrappers.

Also, for Mac OS only, we have released ProRes 422 encoding presets.

IMPORTANT: We do not distribute the ProRes encoders or decoders (codecs). You must get those from Apple. The ProRes encoders are included with various Apple video software, such as Final Cut Pro and Motion.

To install the encoding presets in Adobe Media Encoder CS6, do the following:

  1. Download the encoding preset packages:
  2. Extract (unzip) the package.
  3. Start Adobe Media Encoder CS6.
  4. In Adobe Media Encoder CS6, choose Preset > Import and navigate to the encoding preset(s) to import. You can choose multiple encoding presets at a time; it is most convenient to select all of the presets in a folder at once.

This video demonstrates the use of the Preset Browser to apply and manage encoding presets.

If you have any trouble, bring questions and issues to the Adobe Media Encoder forum, and we can help you there.

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