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October 29, 2013 /Q & A /SpeedGrade Tools /

NEW SpeedLooks and camera patches in SpeedGrade CC

SpeedLooks and the SpeedLooks camera patches are included with the new version of SpeedGrade CC, which will be available very soon. I chatted with Jeff August, one of the colorist partners in LookLabs, the company that created SpeedLooks. LookLabs has also created an awesome behind-the-scenes video, showing how they created the camera patches. In the video, you also see our good friend Jerome Sabourin, a DP and colorist who is also one of the founders of LookLabs.

What do SpeedLooks add to the colorist toolset?
SpeedLooks provide an great entry point for any colorist to start their grading session. All SpeedLooks have a defined palette that emulates the emulsion of 35mm film and they deliver beautiful results.

How do you create the camera patches?
Camera patches are a key ingredient in making our SpeedLooks work perfectly when you apply them. We spend considerable time in studio with each camera, testing it’s dynamic range and how it reacts under different lighting conditions.  We then go back to our lab to adjust the camera’s LOG image to create what we call a SpeedLooks V-Log (Virtual Log) customized for that specific camera. Of course we need to constantly update these as the cameras evolve and new cameras are introduced.

How did you use SpeedGrade to develop the SpeedLooks and the camera patches?
SpeedGrade has been an essential tool in the creation of SpeedLooks. With SpeedGrade we have very precise control over every aspect of the video signal as well as being able to export extremely high resolution 66 vector LUTs.  SpeedGrade was the original tool we started with five years ago when we began developing our SpeedLooks. While we have added other tools and custom software into our workflow since, SpeedGrade is still our first choice to for verifying, tweaking and finalizing every SpeedLook we create.

What is the basic workflow using the camera patches and SpeedLooks in SpeedGrade?
We have created a series of tutorials that you can watch at The workflow is very simple and highly effective: you apply a camera patch to your LOG footage first which translates the footage into V-Log.  Next you apply a SpeedLook above it, for example SL 3500 F or K (Fuji/Kodak). Finally you do all of your color grading in one or more layers between the SpeedLook and the camera patch LUT’s.  It’s very simple and very fast – that why we call them SpeedLooks.

Do you offer any other SpeedLooks besides the one that will be bundled with the next SpeedGrade release?
We have three additional SpeedLooks that are not bundled with SpeedGrade CC; Clean, Big and Matrix, they’re available for purchase on our website at

Jeff August is a partner in LookLabs and is senior colorist at Jump Studios, a Calgary-based postproduction facility.

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