Adobe Creative Cloud

September 28, 2016 /Announcements /

New Updates to Creative Cloud Libraries: Follow a Library and Visual Search of Adobe Stock

Earlier this month, Adobe released several new enhancements to Creative Cloud Libraries including improved sharing of public libraries, Adobe Stock visual search of similar images that appear in your library panel, and the ability to archive and restore libraries.

Share and Follow Public Libraries

Share a public library with more confidence when you allow someone to “follow” it.  When someone follows your library, they can not delete or change the assets.   When you update the assets,  everyone following your library will automatically receive updates to all the assets in that library.

Visual Search of Similar Images

If you want to find an Adobe Stock image that is similar to what you have in one of your libraries, you can now right-click on an image in your library to launch a visual search and have search results appear conveniently in your library panel.

Archive and Restore Libraries

Is your your project over and do you have a bunch of libraries you aren’t using?  No problem!  You can now archive unused libraries and restore them if you want to use them late with one simple click.  Archiving and restoring is also available for files stored in Creative Cloud storage as well your mobile creations from Comp, Sketch, Draw, Mix and Fix.