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October 24, 2012 /

New video: Collaboration with Adobe Story Plus

One of the things that makes filmmaking so different from other creative endeavors is that it’s inherently collaborative, particularly when you’re working on projects of any significant scope or complexity—as anyone who has ever sat through the end credits of a film can attest. (And chances are if you’re reading this blog, you do that all the time!)

Screenwriting is no different. Well, it can be—sometimes a writer gets to work on and develop an idea working alone, and for those folks, Adobe Story Free is perfect, as it includes all the core writing tools to create scripts formated to industry standards. But more often than not, even developing a script is collaborative—and that’s another area where Adobe Story Plus shines. From sharing projects to tracking changes and versions of a script, Adobe Story Plus offers an enterprise-class solution for collaborating on screenplays of all types.

This video introduces the sharing and collaboration features built into Adobe Story Plus.

Adobe Story Plus is part of a full Adobe Creative Cloud membership (you can also just subscribe to Adobe Story Plus if you prefer). And remember, you can always sign into Adobe Story (or create a new Story Free account if you don’t already have one) just by navigating to