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April 24, 2014 /The Latest /

New White Paper on Creative Cloud for Teams Security Architecture and Functionality

At Adobe, we take the security of your digital experiences seriously. 


This white paper describes the proactive approach and procedures implemented by Adobe to increase the security of your Creative Cloud experience and data.

The paper provides details related to the security architecture and functionality available in Creative Cloud for teams. It also outlines the security policies and practices implemented by Adobe and our trusted partners as part of the ongoing development of Creative Cloud. From our rigorous integration of security into our internal software development process to the tools used by our cross-functional incident response teams, we strive to be proactive and nimble.

Security threats and customer needs are ever-changing; we’ll update the information in this white paper as necessary to address these changes.


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  • By Amy - 12:24 PM on April 30, 2014  

    Are conversion rates for trial to paying CC subscribers better with those that have downloaded this security white paper?