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May 28, 2009 /Soundbooth /

New Soundbooth CS4 Scores Bundles including Natural Sound Environments

We’ve added 5 new royalty-free Soundbooth Score bundles for CS4. Each bundle has 5 customizable scores in the following genres:

Environments (2)

Ambient and Environment Soundbooth Scores are new categories that were added in CS4. Ambient scores are for setting a mood for a particular type of scene in a video, for example. While ambient scores are musical in nature, they don’t have specific time signatures so they’re very flexible. This bundle includes the following scores: Scifi, Drama, Horror, Dreamland, Wonder and Awe.

Environment Soundbooth Scores are sounds from different indoor or outdoor settings that can be used by themselves or with any combination of other scores, sound effects, music, etc. We have two different environment bundles. The first contains scores found in outdoor environments including Ocean, Jungle, Storm, River and City Park. The second bundle contains mostly indoor environments including Night Club, Restaurant, Office, Airport and Stadium. Like all Soundbooth Scores, each has different parameters you can use to customize them for your particular needs. For example, the Storm has options for controlling the amount of thunder and rain so you can create a range of sound from light rain to a strong thunderstorm.

You can preview all of them on Resource Central. From Soundbooth go to Window>Resource Central and then click on “Score Bundles.” Then click on the down arrow to view a description of each and press the “play” button to hear a preview. You can purchase each of the bundles for $49 (US) and download them to your PC or Mac. Then all you have to do is load them into your Soundbooth Scores folder and then you’re ready to start adding them to your multitrack projects. And did I mention they’re royalty-free, so you can use them as often as you like.



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  • By chris Fleming - 7:57 PM on January 16, 2010  

    how come the ambient score files dont play in Resource central? No sound coming out. The other score samples play.

  • By Lawson Hancock - 10:44 AM on January 18, 2010  

    Hi Chris,Which score were you trying to play? Sometimes there’s a delay when you initially try to play the previews on-line.-Lawson

  • By Jesse Nicholson - 9:27 PM on July 21, 2011  

    All of the scores and soundFX that I can access inside of resource central, are all all royalty free? If not, how do I find out? I want to use a lot of sound FX in an android game and I wanna be sure I don’t get nailed with a lawsuit by adobe after I do. I own CS5 master collection and since I don’t have to pay anything for these FX/Scores I assume that they’re free for use.