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Non-destructive Video Editing

Premiere Clip is a non-destructive editor, which means that when you edit videos you’ve shot on your device or bring in footage from your Creative Cloud account, you aren’t altering the originals.

Non-destructive editing is a form of editing where the original content is not altered in the course of editing, allowing you to make changes to your media, like making cuts, speed adjustments, and adding cinematic Looks, without overwriting the original files.


This is how most desktop NLE (non-linear editing) systems —aka video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro — operate. NLEs work by referencing your media instead of actually importing it, which preserves video quality and saves space on your hard drive.

This is also why if you move, delete, or rename the original files over the course of a project, you might end up with a “Media Offline” issue. Think of it like this: the software is creating a map for itself so that it knows where to find the original files. If you change those files in some way — by moving or renaming them — the map isn’t accurate anymore, and you may need to help the computer locate them.

So, that’s how desktop NLEs work, but what about a mobile editor like Premiere Clip?

The difference is that in addition to making a “map” of where to find your files, Premiere Clip also syncs your media to the cloud, which makes your projects accessible on whatever mobile device you are working on.

It’s still a good idea to keep the videos you’re working on around, because of that map I mentioned:  if the media is on your device, Premiere Clip will reference those files; if you delete them from your device, the app will download a copy onto the device as part of the project data. And if you delete your original media from your device before the files have had a chance to sync, you risk losing your edits.

iphone-and-ipadWhy did we do it this way? Being able to access your projects and media on whatever device you have with you means you can create whenever inspiration strikes. Having a back up in the cloud is great too, as a failsafe in case something happens to the original media.

But is it eating up my storage? Nope! Until you decide to send a project to Premiere Pro or to save a copy of your final video in your Creative Cloud folder, this syncing doesn’t use your Creative Cloud storage. So, edit away!


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