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One Background Image, Endless Options: Creating More Efficient Workflows in Project Felix

In 2016, Adobe asked a group of designers to use a pre-release version of Project Felix in their work. Their feedback allowed the Project Felix team to better meet users needs. In this editorial series, we share the experiences of some of those designers, what they learned, what they accomplished, and what they can do with Project Felix that they haven’t done before.

When the Beta version of Project Felix was released to the public in late 2016, it was quickly picked up by users like Victoria Pavlov, a commercial photographer and designer. Victoria’s clients depend on her designs to sell their products and services, so her tools must give her maximum flexibility to create what she wants, how she wants, quickly.

“Victoria has such enthusiasm,” says Chantel Benson, Project Felix product manager. “From day one, her images really have embodied what we love, which is creatives who feel empowered to make a whole new genre of work.”

We reached out to Victoria after seeing work she created using Project Felix on her Behance profile to talk to her about how Project Felix is helping with her design.Victoria began painting and taking photos at age 7. Since experimenting with her first camera, she has always relied on light to make her work come alive. Using Project Felix Victoria was able to simplify her workflow without sacrificing quality, specifically when it came to manipulating light.

Victoria uses a Beta version of Project Felix to create a scene for a coffee shop client. View the latest release of Project Felix here.

How does Project Felix fit into your current workflow?

Because I’m a photographer and digital artist, my primary applications are Adobe applications, for both mobile and desktop. It is easy for me to keep track of everything because it is all accessible on Creative Cloud. I can save a design in Project Felix and then open it in one of my primary applications, like Photoshop CC, and continue working on that platform. It is very, very flexible and enhances my production workflow. It is just very easy and very effective. I love it.

Victoria leans heavily on light manipulation to realistically modify 3D objects within a setting. In this version of Project Felix, she has added texture and color to her 3D object so it will reflect light with those properties. View the latest release of Project Felix here.

On your website, you say, “I spent about two years finding the lighting technique that I love.” How have you been able to use Project Felix to simplify your workflow but remain true to your signature lighting style.

In Project Felix, I can create light from a background image. I open Project Felix and import my background. Then, I add a 3D object, and using the Auto-IBL (image-based light) feature, I can use the light in the background image as the IBL — original light. It’s not complicated. With Project Felix it is easy; it is very, very easy. Everything looks natural and high quality.

Victoria’s coffee bag progresses as the bag is now behind other objects in the scene and also reflects lighting from her selected IBL in the Beta version of Project Felix. View the latest release of Project Felix here.

For example, Victoria shared how a client needed photos of pastries for a bakery. Weeks after she took those photos, the client wanted to promote a coffee line. Victoria uploaded one of the  images from the pastry shoot and applied it to the scene as the background image in the above examples and selected Auto-IBL to make sure the lighting from the background image matched the scene she was building in Project Felix. Then, Victoria added the coffee cup object to the scene.

Project Felix is helpful for my business because I can reuse background images and the Auto-IBL feature to create an image-based light to any scene.

You’ve been designing in one way or another nearly your whole life. How has your use of technology changed over the years as you embrace it into your design process?

Technology — I love it, I love it, I love it. With all of the innovation and advancements, I feel like I can do anything right now. Since Project Felix is part of the Creative Cloud family, I can create any project. I can jump between my applications. I can start even using my mobile application, jump back to Project Felix and from Project Felix to Photoshop, and to Premier. Technology makes my work so much easier, without losing things — like light — that make my design unique.

More samples of Victoria’s work with Project Felix can be found on her Behance profile and website. Stay tuned for more stories from designers who are discovering the possibilities that exist with photorealistic digital imaging.  

See what Project Felix can do for you.

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