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Designing for Large-Scale Interactive Media at LAX

Can large-scale, story driven visual media and interactive features help put the magic and romance back into air travel? The Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) is doing just that at LAX’s international terminal. Learn more about designing for large-scale and multi-dimensional media surfaces from project leader Mike Rubin.

XD Projects
August 17, 2016 / UX/UI Design

Meet the Designer: Carlos Pariente

Carlos Pariente keeps busy as a UI designer at Redbility—a Madrid-based, all-purpose digital design agency—and stays busy with personal projects outside the office that allow him to realize his own self-directed branding, UX, and UI experiments. We got the scoop from Carlos on the importance of functional design, the inspirational power of networking, and why coffee and cacti make a major difference in the creative process.

August 16, 2016 / Apps & Services / Mobile / Teams

Feedback Loop

Comp is constantly evolving, and we take tons of cues and inspiration for future developments from your feedback. Here’s how the process works, starring multi-touch selection — a major feature we shipped last year.

Behind the Image: Heritage Brands and Outdoor Photography with Tyler Sharp

Outdoor photographer and writer Tyler Sharp focuses on travel photography, environmental conservation and Western heritage brands. Learn more about the power of committing to your passions, why authenticity is critical for heritage brand photography, and how a family tradition inspired an iconic image.

XD Product Updates
August 15, 2016 / basics / UX/UI Design

August Update of Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview)

Great news! The August update of Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview) is here. Not only are we striving to build a product that helps you get the job done, but our goal is to build a product you’ll love.

August 15, 2016 / Mobile

7 Adobe Capture CC Tips from Illustrator Esther Loopstra

Esther Loopstra’s whimsical, fluid illustrations and lettering work have been featured in kids’ books, ads, magazines, and surface designs. She shares 7 tips for getting the most out of Adobe’s Capture CC app.