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The First Thing They See: The Unexpected Career of the Retail Package Designer

Creating retail packaging is a step-by-step process involving everything from logo design to selecting the right materials. Kerri Konik, founder and senior package designer at Brandscape Atelier, overviews the details of picking the right packaging for your brand.

April 22, 2016

It’s All About the Title: 3 Tips for Naming your Stock Images

Good file titles help our Adobe Stock customers find your work in our library of over 50 million assets. Here are a few tips to help get your work discovered.

April 22, 2016 / Digital Imaging / Learn

How to Create Mini Planets for Earth Day with Adobe Stock & Adobe Photoshop CC

Celebrate Earth Day by trying this super simple and fun way to create your own mini planet images using Adobe Stock images and Adobe Photoshop CC.

Creative Jam Challenges Designers to Reduce Portland’s Carbon Footprint

A hackathon of sorts for designers, Adobe Creative Jams bring together local creatives to tackle a design challenge in teams. Our recent Jam in Portland was held at XOXO Outpost in the city’s east side. We took over 13,000 square feet of industrial space and continued the venue’s tradition of making creative things happen.

Animated Microinteractions in Mobile Apps

This article will explore how animated microinteractions take mobile apps from usable to undeniably delightful. In case you missed it, you might want to check out my previous post on microinteractions and their macro impact on user experience first.

Microinteractions and Their Macro Effect on User Experience

Microinteractions are absolutely everywhere. Find out why mastering the art of creating small, delightful moments in your user’s daily interactions with technology can make a big impact.