Adobe Creative Cloud

Collaboration Everywhere with Read-Only Creative Cloud Libraries and Files

We are excited to announce the availability of read-only access when you collaborate with Creative Cloud Libraries and Creative Cloud Files on mobile, desktop, and the web. We are also pleased to support patterns, a new Library asset type, created in Adobe Capture CC and available for use in Adobe Photoshop CC.

How the Right Collaborative Tools Drove Alere’s Global Rebranding

A successful global rebrand goes far beyond simply changing a company’s name or logo. It requires a systematic refresh of your visual identity and the right tools to ensure you’re communicating that new brand effectively across your marketing channels. Here’s how global healthcare company Alere approached their rebrand.

Discover What Eight Artists Created Using Adobe Mobile Apps

8 amazing artists, 3 days, 1 challenge: Create awesome work using Adobe mobile apps like Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Capture CC, and more.

Tell It To Me Straight – Plain Language in UX

Ever been confused by an error message? Or unsure how to proceed with a dialogue box? You’re not alone. Communicating clearly in our interfaces and websites is crucial to creating a great user experience.

Adobe Capture CC Turns Ordinary into Extraordinary Patterns

First shown to the world at MAX 2015, the team has been heads-down, building this new capability. Read more to find out what is it, how it works and what iOS and Android users are going to love about it.

Woo Hoo! The Simpsons TV Show and Adobe Make Live Animation Television History

For over two decades, The Simpsons has been known for pushing the envelope and exploring current topics. The show got even more current in a recent episode, “Simprovised”, when Homer Simpson talked to the audience in a live, three-minute segment. Nothing was recorded or animated in advance. Instead voice actor Dan Castellaneta delivered a live, improvised performance powered by Adobe Character Animator for realistic lip sync and keyboard-trigger animations.