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fixing permissions problem that impedes start of Adobe applications

I’ve noticed several cases of applications either failing to start or taking a long time to start because the permissions for the Adobe preferences folders have been set incorrectly.

In one case, this manifests as After Effects taking several minutes to start, eventually reporting that QuickTime is not installed. This is because After Effects is failing to establish communication with the component that it uses to communicate with QuickTime (Adobe QT32 Server) because this component is having a hard time starting due to a permissions issue. The same problem affects the Dynamic Link Manager component in much the same way.

So, what do you do? Simple. Set the entire Adobe preferences folder and its contents to be read/write, not just read-only. I’m referring to this folder:

  • Mac OS: [drive]/Users/[user_name]/Library/Preferences/Adobe/
  • Windows: [drive]Users[user_name]AppDataRoamingAdobe

Note: Apple hides the Library folder by default. See this page for instructions for showing it.

If, after setting the preferences folder to be read/write, you’re still getting messages about QuickTime not being installed, or After Effects is taking a long time to start, then go through the troubleshooting steps in these articles:

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