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plug-ins for After Effects CC (12.0)

Important: There have been few significant changes to the effect plug-in API for After Effects CC (12.0), so you should not need new versions of most plug-ins for After Effects CC (12.0), if you already have plug-ins that work for After Effects CS5, CS5.5, or CS6.

Separate from the issue of updates to the effect plug-ins themselves, there is the issue of their installers: Some plug-ins come with installers, and these installers may need to be updated to install plug-ins into the correct location.

One thing that I do that works for most plug-ins is to create a shortcut/alias in the new plug-in folder that points to old plug-in folder, so the new version of the application loads plug-ins from the old location. If you do this, you need to be careful to put the alias/shortcut at the right, lower level–i.e., not at the top level of the plug-ins folder–so that you’re only loading specific plug-ins from the old location; otherwise, you’ll get warnings about duplicate plug-ins.

Check the websites of the vendors of your plug-ins to see if you need an update for any reason.

Here are links to updates for several popular plug-ins:

See this page for a list of companies that provide plug-ins for After Effects: Adobe After Effects CC: In depth: Plug-ins

In addition to listing the plug-ins provided by each company, this page provides links to the companies’ websites, so that you can purchase these plug-ins or find how to contact them for technical support or customer service.

Another great place for information about plug-ins for Premiere Pro and After Effects is the Toolfarm website, which provides an online store as well as tutorials, a forum, and other supporting resources for using plug-ins. Toolfarm has been updating a list of plug-ins that have updates for After Effects CC (12.0).

The aescripts + aeplugins website also provides many plug-ins (and scripts) for After Effects.

If you want to develop plug-ins yourself, see the After Effects Developer Center, where you can download the After Effects SDK and supporting documentation.

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